Lawyer teaches how to potentially save on medical bills

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Lawyer Erika Kullberg takes to Tik Tok to teach viewers how to negotiate medical bills. The viral video amassed 2.2 million views, 360,000+ likes, over 900 comments, 45,000+ favorites, and 2,300+ shares.
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This is it...

How to negotiate your medical bills to save money?

In the video, she role-plays a scenario where a medical patient who gets stitches receives a medical bill for $5,000. The patient asks about how much her stitches will be before the procedure and is told that she'll get a bill after she's treated.

Later, she gets a bill for $5,000 for stitches.

Upon receiving the bill, the patient asks for an itemized bill, sharing that...

..80% of medical bills contain errors, so by seeing the itemized bill, I can look for common mistakes - like being charged for something I didn't receive or being charged twice for the same thing...

The video reveals that most people just pay their medical bills without question. Asking for an itemized bill can potentially save you money.

Commenters responded saying:

"The fact that this is legal & there are no consequences for overcharging..."

"How are they allowed to charge the patient for services without disclosing the price first for non-emergency situations?"

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