Cat wars

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This viral video has two words in the caption: Cats War. The video received over 53 million views, 5.6+ million likes, over 42,000 comments, and more than 430,000 favorites, and 272,000+ shares!
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This is it:

Cats War

What exactly is happening in the video?

Two cats are squaring off. T

he video starts with two cats facing toward each other with what appears to be a trashcan lid in between them. With the lid in place, it completely shields the cats from one another. Both cats cannot see the other.

Then, the person in the video lifts the lid and the cats meow loudly as they face off.

There's no catfighting in the video at all, it's just a funny scenario that caught the attention of millions of viewers online.

The person in the video managing the lid does this several times throughout the scene.

With the lid in place, blocking the cats' view of one another, they are quiet and calm then, when the lid is lifted and the cats see each other, the loud meowing starts again.

Commenters remarked:

"The literal definition of on site"

"Bro, where did you come from"

"You're lucky I can't see you"

"Out of sight out of mind"

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