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This blanket wrap tutorial was shared on Tik Tok and it went viral! The viral video received nearly 750,000 views, over 140,000 likes, 1,200+ comments, and over 23,000 shares.
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This is it:

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What's the blanket hack?

If you've ever struggled to wrap your blanket around yourself while watching a movie or cuddling up on your couch, you will want to check out this tutorial.

This creator explains precisely how to do it.

For reference, he is 6'4" and uses an 8 foot long blanket.

...get a blanket as tall as you are...take your blanket, basically roll it thirds..wrap it up...

In the video, he goes on to explain how to wrap the blanket and then wrap it around yourself like a shawl. This blanket hack lets you be covered by the blanket from the neck down while allowing you to be mobile, with an opening for your hands.

In all, it takes seconds for him to wrap the blanket.

It's warm, it's fantastic, I can just stay like this all day, kind of like you're going to wrap yourself in a cocoon...

Commenters weighed in saying:

I am doing this ASAP...

I am ABSOLUTELY doing this!!!...

I'm gonna do this when I'm hanging outside in my hammock later...

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