Signs your cat is happy (from a cat expert)

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Have you ever wondered if your cat is truly happy? Cat expert Jackson Galaxy (@jacksongalaxy on TikTok) shared some things you might not know about your cat's mood.

This Tik Tok video starring the cat expert garnered over 6 million views, over 816,000 likes, 4,400+ comments, and 36,000+ shares. Here it is:

What are the signs of a happy cat?

If you're a cat owner or spend time around cats, you might wonder if these feline companions are truly happy.

According to Jackson Galaxy, this is what to look out for...

The backwards question mark tail

Number one is that backwards question mark tail...

On your cat, this looks like your cat walking around with their tail up in the air, tall. It has a inwards curve at the tip of their tail that looks like a backwards question mark.

  • They're confident
  • They feel like they own the space in a happy way

Making biscuits

Next, your cat makes "biscuits."

This is the kneading motion that you may have seen or experienced with your cat.

According to veterinarians, here's why cats make biscuits:

  • They are marking their territory
  • It may be a carryover from kitten hood
  • It's a kind of scratching
  • It's a sign your cat likes you
  • Kneading gives cats comfort
  • It helps them prepare their bed
  • It may show that they are in heat

Does your cat do this?

Have you seen this viral video on Tik Tok?

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