Heckler throws beer can at comedian and it goes viral

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This Tik Tok video shoes a heckler having an exchange back and forth with a comedian. It reached 5 million views, over 750,000 likes and more than 7,500 comments.

Here's the video:

What happens?

The video starts with the heckler asking the comedian if she voted for Donald Trump.

The comedian responded:

Did I vote for Donald Trump? What do you think?

The heckler responds, "no."

The comedian responds to the heckler asking her why she would ask that question to her, making a joke in the process. The room starts laughing.

The comedian went on:

"If it makes you feel any better, I vote in New York. My vote doesn't matter there.

She tells the audience to vote for whoever they want to vote for.

The heckler doesn't give up, continuing to interact with the comedian saying...

So you voted for Biden...Yes you did..I could just tell by your votes that you voted for Biden..

The two continue going back and forth in an exchange before the comedian tries to end the conversation with a joke that erupts the room in laughter. But, the heckler continues.

Then, the comedian goes on talking to the room before a beer can is thrown at her, hitting the wall next to her, a few feet away.

The room gasped.

The video caught the audience making comments afterward like...

Come on buddy, you can't do that...
I'm never coming out with this group of people ever again...

The comedian picks up the thrown beer can and drinks it on stage.

Tik Tok commenters were calling the comedian a legend and saying she made a nice comeback to the heckler.

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