Not everyone stays silent in the face of harassment

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This Tik Tok video showing a scene from the Netflix series "Inside Man" went viral with over 150 million views!

This video is part 1 in a two-part video clip from the series. It reached 150 million views, 10.5 million likes, and over 47,000 comments.

This is it...

What happens?

The scene takes place in a subway car traveling to the next station. A man approaches a woman sitting down and stands very close to her. It's obviously uncomfortable for her and other passengers take notice.

A woman starts filming the incident and she quickly gains the attention of the man who also harasses her, treats her poorly and throws her phone.

Then, another woman starts filming and as the man approaches her, she notifies him that he's on Facebook Live.

Other passengers quickly chime in sharing they are recording him on Live as well.

The woman filming on Facebook Live makes an announcement on the video sharing where their next stop is and that she hopes authorities are there to greet the man.

The subway approaches the next station with police waiting for the man.

The creator on Tik Tok netfilm6 created a part 2 to this video which you can watch here, if you're interested.

Have you seen this series on Netflix?

Have you seen this viral video on Tik Tok?

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