New fear unlocked buying used furniture

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It's something many people do, buy used furniture. Furniture can be so expensive. You can get a deal buying used, finding a couch, bedroom furniture, desk or another piece of furniture from a neighbor, an ad on Craigslist or another source.

But, there's something to watch out for that you might not have been expecting.

It was revealed in this viral Tik Tok video that received over 1.5 million views, over 130,000 likes, and nearly 5,500 comments.

The caption read:

This is why you dnt buy used furniture

Here's the video.

@blocheadkg This why you don’t but used furniture from faceboo k could have been full of roaches 🤢 trash u go ##fyp##viral##roaches-##nasty ♬ Bob and Weave - Bfb Da Packman & Zack Fox

Worst fear unlocked when buying used furniture

This fear is something people probably aren't thinking about when buying used furniture and the video shares it all.

The speaker in the video says:

Just so you won't say I'm making it up...

Then, he does it.

He takes a bar stool, lifts it, and firmly strikes it to the ground as tons of bugs fall from it.


Tons of baby cockroaches appear and scatter.

Commenters said:

no really. please guys beware. we did this and it was nearly impossible to get rid of them. I still have dreams about them sometimes too...
The way my jaw dropped! I was expecting a leg to break off not roacccccchess

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