Target store tips from employees that customers might want to know about

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Target is a general goods store that's a shopping favorite for many.

In a shopper survey, when compared to Walmart, Target won in most areas, like:

  • Better quality items
  • Better service
  • Family-friendly
  • Easy-to-find items

If you're a U.S. shopper, it's no surprise that you've probably heard about Target, whether you have one in your neighborhood, you see commercials on T.V., or you drive by a Target store on your commute to work or school.
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What some customers don't know about Target are the hidden secrets Target workers actually want you to know!

These gems can be very helpful to shoppers who are looking to get the most out of their shopping experience and get to know a little bit about the behind-the-scenes of shopping Target.

If you shop Target, you may want to know about these tips...

Target secrets revealed

1. Be considerate of workers

Think about employees who have to clean up after you when you're shopping at a Target store. Things like leaving trash in the cart or leaving perishable food products in the wrong section of the store are complaints that Target workers shared in the above article.

2. Target Starbucks' are managed by Target not Starbucks

This is an interesting fact you might not know. When you see the Starbucks coffee shop inside a Target store, the people managing it are Target workers, not Starbucks workers.

This source says:

Starbucks doesn’t consider Target Starbucks to be Starbucks.

3. Customers can be mistaken for employees and it can happen a lot

The standard Target uniform is a red shirt and khakis. It's not a store-issued uniform so it varies from employee to employee and if a customer has on a similarly styled outfit, they can get mistaken for a Target worker.

Would you be surprised that this happens more than you think?

4. The best deals don't necessarily require you buy in multiples'

You might be used to going to a store and getting a deal like "3 for $5" or something similar where you buy multiple items for a collective discount.

While multiples' deals are advertised, you don't have to buy the minimum required number of items in the deal to get the discount.

For example, a 2 for $6 deal (or $3 each) doesn't mean you have to buy 2 items to get the $6 deal. If you only need one, you can buy one and get it for $3. Fun fact.

5. Undercover Target employees?

This happens to guard against shoplifters, according to this Reddit thread. It makes a lot of sense, if you think about it.

What do you think about this?

Did you know these Target secrets?

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