One in 2 million odds discovery

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In a viral Tik Tok video, this fisherman struck gold, with these odds. A one in two million chance of spotting this sea creature.

What is it?

See for yourself...

@maverick_207 Blue Lobster!!!! 1 in 2,000,000🦞 #lobster ♬ original sound - Blake Haass

One in 2 million odds of finding this sea creature

It's a blue lobster!

The viral video garnered over 31 million views, 4.2 million likes and 30,000+ comments!

Have you ever seen a blue lobster?

It was posted by creator @maverick_201 on Tik Tok.'s one in 2 million of how rare these are..I've only caught two of these my whole life and this is second one.

In the video, the fisherman talks about how a blue lobster is a one in two million find, after looking it up. He puts a red lobster next to the blue lobster so you can see a side-by-side comparison. The two lobsters look near identical, other than the color. The rich blue color is unmistaken and striking, matched up against a red lobster.

What are blue lobsters?

In this story, the New England Aquarium said

..wild blue lobsters are about a 1-in-2-million find. The aquarium got its own resident blue lobster in February 2020 and has had resident lobsters of other colors, including orange and calico.

According to this source, the rare blue lobster can be priced as high as $500 on eBay. Apparently, many are donated to aquariums but some have shown up on restaurant menus for $500+.

The University of Maine Lobster Institute said:

..the blue color is caused by an abundance of a particular protein from a genetic defect. While the university has stated that only one blue lobster exists for every two million, research director Dr. Robert Bayer admits that that statistic is only a guess.

Who knew that lobsters came in different colors?

What an incredible find this fisherman came across.

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