Mood-boosting tactic causes spontaneous laughter?

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What do you do if you're feeling down? Well, creator Linda Leclerc does a laughing exercise to change your mood and people say it works!

In her viral Tik Tok video, she reached nearly 5 million people who viewed the video along with 512,000+ likes and over 20,000 comments.

Viewers are commenting that her laughing exercise changed their mood and that it's impossible not to laugh, viewing it.

Here's the viral video and you be the judge:

@lindahahasister Now in English! A great exercise to change your mood!! It really works every single time but you have to decide to laugh! Try it! #yogadurire # laughteryoga #intentionallaughter #laughterwellness #feelgood #feelinghappy #goodvibes #changeyourmood #feelingbetter ♬ son original - Linda Leclerc

How does this mood-boosting exercise work?

In the video, she describes a short exercise which you can do to lift your mood.

She starts the video with simple instructions...

Ok, just do what I do...

Then, you proceed to mimic exactly what she does in the video. So, what is the exercise, exactly?

What's the exercise?

You say ha 55 times, literally.

Ha (1)..ha ha (2)..ha ha ha (3) ha ha ha ha (4) ha ha ha ha ha (5)...

You start by saying "ha" once and then on the second attempt you say "ha" twice (ha, ha).

On the third attempt you say "ha" three times (ha, ha, ha) and on the fourth attempt you say "ha" four times (ha, ha, ha, ha). You continue this routine all the way through ten attempts, saying "ha" a total of 55 times, which will sound like genuine laughter by the time you finish.

That's it!

It's the volume and frequency in which you say the word "ha" that mimics the sound of laughing towards the end of the exercise.

What do you think about this?

Do you think it works and would you try it to test it?

Share your thoughts in comments and feel free to share this article on social media and with your friends and family, if you'd like.

Disclaimer: This article is only for educational and informational purposes.

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