Can you talk to cats with this app?

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Tik Tok creator Kerrie Pitts' video talking to cat, Porkchop went viral.
Tik Tok creator Kerrie PittsTik Tok

People talk to their pets everyday? What's the big deal?

The man in the video used an app to translate his human speech to a "cat language" understood by his feline companion.

Here's the video:

How does the cat translator work?

The man in the video demonstrates it, using a 3-sentence command:

Porkchop, come here.

He spoke the command into his cell phone and seconds later, the cat stopped in its tracks, got up from its spot and leapt to the man.

The viral video received around 2.5 million views, over 350,000 likes and more than 1,400 comments. It sparked follow up videos that the creator filmed, helping viewers learn more about the app used.

In this video, the creator talked more about the the app, found in the Apple App Store:

This viral video is in perfect timing with Netflix's recent release of Inside the Mind of a Cat, a documentary where cat experts dive into the minds of cats. One scene captures a cat expert talking about studies done with cats responding to their names, showing most of them respond to their name.

It makes you think if cats are smarter than we think and wonder about if the cat translator app in this viral video actually works.

What do you think about this?

Do you think this app actually works?

Would you try this app with your cat?

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