You Don't Need a Membership to Shop Sam's Club

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Often people wonder if it's truly worth it to shop at bulk stores like Costco or Sam's Club. These stores have a membership associated with them so, you pay to shop. There are benefits to buying from bulk stores like cost savings.
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U.S. News Money says:

Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper per unit.

The cost savings happens over the long run.

In order to take advantage of bulk buying, you have to buy it all now rather than spacing out the purchases.

If you're looking for ways to save money on shopping, buying from Sam's Club might be what you're looking for and membership is not required.

How to shop Sam's Club without a membership

First, Sam's Club does offer a membership. The membership fee runs $45 to $100 depending on if you go with the Club or Plus membership. You can read more about pricing and benefits here.

Here's how you can shop at Sam's Club without having to invest in a membership.

1. Shop Sam's Club Pharmacy

You don't need to be a member to shop Sam's Club's pharmacy.q

2. Join Instacart

Sam's Club says:

Instacart customers will have the option to shop local Sam's Clubs without a membership, giving them access to Sam's Club's signature savings and bulk shopping options, paired with the convenience of same-day delivery.

3. Become an Add-on Member

If you know someone who has a Sam's Club membership, ask to get added to their account so Sam's Club benefits can be extended to you to shop in person.

4. Shop Sam's Club Photo Center

The photo center doesn't require a membership.

5. Shop Sam's Club Liquor Store

According to the Sam's Club website, shopping at Sam's Club's liquor store doesn't require a membership.

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