This cat sings opera

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This social media video of a cat singing opera went viral in just days. The creator captured her cat singing opera music alongside her on Tik Tok.

Take a look:

The viral cat singing opera

This viral video posted on Tik Tok reached over 4 million views, 1.2 million likes and over 14,000 comments.

Commenters are saying things like:

This is the best. I love vocal kitties.
This is the best thing ever.
He said WE are making it to Juilliard.

This moment was captured on video showing the creator's cat singing (meowing) opera alongside her. If you browse through the Tik Tok creator's Tik Tok account, you'll get a chance to see other cat opera videos.

The video starts with the creator singing opera. Then, her cat walks in the video frame, interrupting her solo performance. A few moments later, the cat starts meowing along to the music.

On Twitter, people are calling it "the duet of the century."

If you type #operacat into Tik Tok, you'll see tons of videos of this cat including people's reactions and comments to the viral video.

In fact, #operacat has over 7 million views alone!

Is the cat the real star of this viral video?

Did the cat steal the show?

Weigh in.

What do you think about this?

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