People are thinking twice about self-checkout at stores

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After you learn this, you might think twice about self-checkout at stores.

First of all, what's self-checkout, anyway?

When you shop at stores and you're ready to pay at the register, some retailers offer self-checkout lanes where you can scan your goods and pay at the register by yourself. This is common at major retailers like Target, Walmart, H-E-B, Kroger, and other stores.

More stores are investing in self-checkout technology because it reduces their costs.

If you think about it, instead of a store like Walmart having 6 checkout register workers, they have 2 and run 4 self-checkout stations, saving them the labor costs of 4 workers.

You can see why it makes sense for retailers but, does it make sense for consumers?

What's the harm in self-checkout?

This criminal defense attorney took to Tik Tok to educate the public, sharing her personal opinion about using self-checkout in stores. Here's what she said...

Does self-checkout really put you at a higher risk for being flagged as a shoplifter?

This is subjective.

In her Tik Tok video, she explains.

Here's what she says...

There's currently three groups of people getting charged with shoplifting using self-checkout...
The first group of people being charged with shoplifting using the self-checkout are the people that are going into the stores with the intent to steal.

The second group of people catching this charge I would call the theft by mistake. These are the people I genuinely think just forgot to scan an item...
The third group of people getting charged, I would just call the truly innocent. And most of these are not getting charged day of. It is something that say asset protection is doing a quality control check or inventory, weeks, days, months later comes up short so they will begin watching hours or video to see the last person who checked out with the Mario Lego set because they're too short or an Xbox game..and for some reason, they pinpoint they think you did it.

Here are the tips she shares when it comes to self-checkout

1. Only use self-checkout if you plan to purchase just a few items that day. Do not use self-checkout for large orders.

2. Do not use cash at self-checkout. Use your debit or credit card.

3. Keep your receipt.

4. When you are scanning, be slow and intentional.

Attorney Carrie Jernigan says:

If you still plan to use it, good luck and may the odds be in your favor...

Would you still use self-checkout at stores after reading this?

What do you think about this?

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Disclaimer: This article is only for educational and informational purposes.

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