Former Target worker shares store secrets

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This quiet underground movement is on the rise. More store workers are coming forward and revealing retail secrets than ever before. These are current and former store workers coming forward spilling secrets from the retailers they work for.

According to this viral Tik Tok video, this former Target worker has this to say about Target, sharing the retail giant's store secrets...

Target Store Secret

It's about their price match policy.

She reveals...

"You can bring in any advertisement or any price and just show then and they'll price match..."

"You can bargain with them for a lower deal even if you don't have an advertisement and they will most likely give you a cheaper price."

Price matching is not an unusual store policy. Many retailers offer it, like Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and others. To learn about a retail store's policies, you can check their store website or contact the retailer to learn more.

Some consumers know about Target's price matching policy.

For those who don't know about this and want to learn more, you can visit Target's website to read their price match policy here.

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