Starbucks worker shares store secrets

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Former and current retail store workers are coming forward to spill retailer and restaurant secrets. These are secrets that consumers might not know are from places like Texas Roadhouse, Walmart, Taco Bell and, more.

This Starbucks barista took to Tik Tok to share store secrets that consumers might not know. Her video got over 1 million views and 85,000 likes...

Starbucks Secrets

Here's what she revealed...

Starbucks workers don't care if you use the store lingo or not

For example, for ordering a size Grande, you can say Medium. She said you don't have to say the Starbucks lingo...

...really don't care if you use the Starbucks lingo. Just order, there's a line behind you...

They hate making Frappuccinos

If you want to make us mad and get on our nerves, please order four Frappuccinos...

Be prepared to share exactly what's in the secret menu drink you're ordering

...because, there is no secret menu.

Be careful when ordering mocha-based drinks

..because the pumps aren't always clean and they're there overnight...

The coconut milk isn't real know that the coconut milk isn't real, right...

These are some of the secrets she spilled in the viral Tik Tok video. These are eye-opening but, are they for all Starbucks locations or just her store? It makes you think.

Were any of these secrets surprising to you?

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