Former Taco Bell worker shares store secrets

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Former retail store workers are coming forward in hordes like never before. Why? They are spilling their former employer's secrets that consumers might not know. These are places like retailers, popular hotel chains, casinos, restaurants, and more.
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According to this Tik Tok video, this former Taco Bell worker has some store secrets to share that consumers might have been wondering about.

The video raked in an astounding 6 million views, over 737K likes, and more than 11,000 comments.

Taco Bell store secrets

Ground beef is ground beef. You might have heard rumors that their ground beef is something else but, according to this former Taco Bell worker, the ground beef is in fact, ground beef.

The grilled chicken is also real grilled chicken.

She does not recommend the shredded chicken and shares a tip for ordering menu items with shredded chicken, saying you can swap it out for grilled chicken.

In the video she says this about the shredded chicken:

..all the bits of the chicken you don't want to eat...

The steak is "90% gelatin" according to her statement.

Taco Bell has been a popular fast-food chain for a long time. Will this knowledge stop consumers for eating at Taco Bell?

Were any of these secrets surprising to you?

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