Walmart worker shares store secrets

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There's a movement current and former retail workers are participating in. Former workers from retail stores and restaurants are sharing store secrets consumers might not know.

There are even current store workers coming forward to share retailer secrets.

According to this Tik Tok video, this current Walmart worker has store secrets that customers might be curious to learn about.
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The Walmart Store Secrets

Some product stickers will sound an alarm if you are trying to steal them. Check out this video to see what they look like and what items they're attached to.


Walmart Secrets! - episode 2 πŸ’—πŸ’—

♬ original sound - πŸ’— TAY πŸ’—

Another Walmart secret is about product prices.

Product prices on store shelves can differ from the actual price. This means the price on the shelf for a crockpot might ring up differently at the register when it's time to pay.

They can also differ in price from the retailer app.

One Walmart store secret you might not know is that Walmart will price match in-store purchases with the price.

So, if there are two different prices for the same item in-store and online with online having the cheaper price, Walmart will honor the cheaper price on

There are limitations to the price match policy which you can read about here.

Did you know these secrets about Walmart?

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