Starbucks store policy customers might not know about

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This little known secret of Starbucks may be shared by other restaurants and retailers. It’s called the 10 minute rule and it’s put in place specifically to better serve customers.

What is the 10 minute rule?

The 10 minute says that the Starbucks store will open 10 minutes early and close 10 minutes late. So if a store is set to open at 6am, it opens at 5:50am. If it closes at 10pm, it really closes at 10:10pm.

John Moore, Corporate Marketing Manager for Starbucks (2002) said:

This is just to provide good customer service, as there's almost always a customer waiting for a Starbucks to open,

Is the 10 minute rule used by all Starbucks locations?

No, it’s not.

And, there’s no telling your regular Starbucks participates unless you try visiting the location 10 minutes before open or 10 minutes after close, or you talk to the store to ask.

What other restaurants honor the 10 minute rule?

It‘s hard to know what restaurants honor a similar rule without experiencing it yourself or calling to ask.

Why do restaurants offer this?

It all boils down to excellent customer service, in the end. It’s a nice gesture that restaurants keep customers in mind and are willing to open early and close late just to keep consumers happy.

How many times have you arrived at a restaurant late or even a few minutes before close and have been turned away?

If you visit a Starbucks location that honors the 10 minute rule, it won’t be a problem you experience.

What restaurants or retailers do you know that have a similar rule?

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