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To offset the rising cost of gas, consumers are turning to of retailer loyalty programs like Kroger’s Fuel Points program. Many consumers might not know about this fuel points program which can help them save on gas prices at Kroger gas stations.

In this Tik Tok video, a Kroger customer shares how she saves up to $1.00 per gallon off the price of gas.

In the video, she explains the process for saving money at the gas pump with Kroger. Kroger is a grocery store chain that operates throughout the United States.

This is how it works…

How to save money on gas with Kroger

It's all in Krogers fuel points program. When you shop at Kroger, for each $1 you spend, you earn fuel points.

So $30 spent equals 30 fuel points, $250 spent equals 250 fuel points.

100 fuel points = 10 cents off a gallon of gas

So, for example, if you had 100 fuel points, you'd pay $3.79/gallon at the Kroger gas station instead of $3.89/gallon.

To get to $1.00 off a gallon of gas, you would need 1,000 fuel points which equals $1,000 spent at Kroger.

You’re getting rewarded for the shopping you’re doing at Kroger. It might take time to spend $1,000 at the retail grocery chain to earn $1.00/gallon off your gas price at the Kroger gas station but this creator has a solution.

Take advantage of Kroger’s promotions!

Kroger puts out promotions for 2X or 4X the fuel points. So, you can spend $100 where you'd normally get 100 fuel points but, during a 4X promotion, you'd get 400 fuel points.

She explains in the video that this is one way you can quickly rack up your fuel points in Kroger’s program. One trick she uses is to buy a $250 gift card during a promotion event. Under a 4X promo event, that will get her 1,000 fuel points!

For more on the Kroger fuel points program, click here.

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