Netflix password sharing is now banned

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Up to $6.25 billion in annual revenue is being lost by Netflix, according to this report. And, it’s due to password sharing. Now, the streaming service is fighting back.

A common practice with streaming or subscription services, whether it be Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. is to share the account. Instead of forking out $18/month per person in your friend group, you can just share one account and pay a fraction of the price or not pay anything at all.
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This was easy to do in the past with companies like Netflix but, they're now banning password sharing, for free, that is.

They're cracking down on password sharing, rolling out an extra fee to extra profiles not streaming from the same location. That means if you, your sister, and your best friend are in three different locations, you'll have to pay the base amount for the Netflix subscription (like normal) and 2 extra sub-account fees.

This is slowly rolling out and has been tested in Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica.

Subscribers aren't liking this change as they've grown comfortable with the previous setup where they could share accounts with their friends and family members.

A Twitter user said:

"Netflix will lose a lot of customers if they do this password sharing crackdown they plan to do,"

There's still some time to enjoy password sharing, for now but, this is a change Netflix will be rolling out globally in the near future.

NPR says:

Users who don't pay will be able to transfer their profiles to their own accounts, retaining customizations like My List, viewing history and recommendations Netflix makes.

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