Experts weigh in on the food shortage in the United States

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In 2021, food shortages impacted not just the United States, but the entire world. Chicken, computer microchips, cream cheese, and other foods were just the tip of the iceberg.
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Here's what experts are saying about the food shortage happening in the United States in 2022...

Good news and bad news on the food shortage

Are Traasdahl, co-founder and CEO of Crisp weighs in on food supply predictions this year, saying that there should be some improvement in the food shortage in 2022 but, things won't return to normal as we once knew it. Instead, people should prepare for a "new normal."

And current events like the Russia-Ukraine conflict, just as it's impacted fuel prices, can affect food prices as well.

According to this source, here are some things we can expect this year:

1. Improvements with worker shortages outside of transportation

In the past, a big issue has been lack of talent. But, there will improvements expected in this area in 2022. Employers are improving their practices of the treatment of their employees and COVID-19 vaccine mandates mean less workers are calling in sick.

2. Transportation industry worker shortages will continue

With supply and transport, there are still struggles to find enough drivers and trucks to transport goods.

3. Government partnership in the supply chain

The USDA invested 4 billion dollars into the food system.

4. Companies that can master the supply chain will find loyalty among partners and customers

Speed, accuracy, and flexibility all play a role in this. Some companies will excel and others will fall behind.

Bottom line

Food inflation is here. It's seen and felt as consumers noticeably see food prices rising in their local stores.

Things aren't expected to bounce back to where we were pre-pandemic in 2022 but improvements are happening.

What do you think about the food shortage?

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