Money-saving restaurant menu secrets exposed

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We all like to eat out, right? What keeps us from doing it more often? Many times, it's the price. Because eating out can be expensive and if you do it often, the price really adds up. These tips will help you save money and get the most value for your money.
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These money-saving restaurant menu secrets are wallet pleasers. Have you tried any of them?

Restaurant menu secrets to save you money

1. Save money on refills by asking for no ice

Ice takes up room in your cup, leaving less space for your drink.

So to save money on drink refills that aren't free, go for no ice.

2. Go for a burrito bowl instead of a burrito

For getting the best value, in terms of getting more food for your money, if you're ever at an establishment that offers a choice of a burrito bowl instead of a burrito, opt for the burrito bowl. You'll get more food.

3. Restaurant specials are cheaper than menu entrees

If you go for the special at a restaurant, it's on sale usually but, just know that it might not be the freshest. Food that goes on special is usually close to expiration so restaurants try to avoid food waste by discounting it. The same holds true at grocery stores, convenience stores, general goods stores, etc.

If you're ok with this, opt for the special which will save you money.

4. The waiter is going to try to upsell you

You might not think you'll be getting a sales presentation at a restaurant but, your waiter can actually be your salesperson. They're going to try to upsell you to make your bill higher. Not only does this make the restaurant more money but, your higher bill means you might be more likely to tip higher too.

Appetizers, dessert, wine, these are all things that can fatten your restaurant tab so just be aware.

5. Don't go out to eat hungry

Avoid going to eat at a restaurant hungry.

Not ravenously hungry, at least.

It's the same reason why you don't want to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. You're going to over-order and spend more money than you wanted to, just because you're hungry.

Try to go out to eat with a small appetite and avoid getting to the point where you're as hungry as a horse when you arrive at the restaurant.

Bonus: Wait times are long on purpose

This restaurant tips doesn't save you money but it's a secret you might want to know.

Have you ever heard the term, "under promise, overdeliver?"

Any time I've ever had to wait to be seated at a restaurant, the time was almost always shorter than what the restaurant told us.

It's a nice feeling to be seated in 30 minutes when you were told the wait would be an hour long.

If you want to know more secrets, check out this Twitter post:

Final word

There you go! Did any of these restaurant secrets surprise you? What are some restaurant secrets you use to save money or otherwise benefit?

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