Restaurant store secrets consumers might not know

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Everyone loves a good restaurant menu secret, especially when it can save you money. Here are some restaurant secrets you might not know.
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Restaurant specials might not be the freshest

It makes sense if you think about it.

What's the reason behind a restaurant special? Does the restaurant have an overage of inventory and want to sell it fast before it expires so they don't lose money? It would only make sense.

This is not the case 100% of the time probably but, can it happen?


And when it does, you know that food that is closing near to the expiration is not the freshest. This is one of those things that makes sense if you really sit down and think about it.

Do you go for specials at restaurants?

The bread on your table came from some else's bread basket

Fact or myth? This one hopefully is not true. It was taken from this Tik Tok video, like all these secrets have been and it really makes you think.

In the restaurant industry, we know there's waste.

What happens to those untouched breadbaskets or bread baskets that are only half-eaten?

Are they recycled?

Your reservation is an estimate, not a guarantee

I have experienced this firsthand.

I bet this isn't the case with all restaurants but with many, yes.

Have you ever made a reservation then arrived on time and still have to wait? Even if it's for a few minutes?

I have.

On Valentine's Day in the small town I'm from, a popular steakhouse would take reservations and when you would arrive, you'd have to wait around an hour, which beats the 3-hour wait without reservations.

What do you think about these restaurant secrets? Are there any you know of that haven't made the list?

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