KFC has gone vegan

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KFC has come up with a new menu item, geared toward the vegan community. Their Beyond Fried Chicken is sweeping the nation by storm.

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What is it?

Do people like it?

Should you give it a try?

What is KFC's New Beyond Fried Chicken?

Beyond Meat is a popular brand of vegan-friendly protein which contains no animal products. Their meat is being used in restaurants around the country and in restaurants, making burgers, sandwiches, and more.

It was only a matter of time before Beyond Chicken came to the market.

KFC's Beyond Fried Chicken comes in their signature box using green to signify plants instead of their traditional red branding.

You won't be able to get a bucket of Beyond Fried Chicken, they're only available in chicken nugget form and they come in 6-count or 12-count.

When you get the box, you will truly be stumped.

It looks like chicken. It smells like chicken but, what does it taste like?

Looking at reviews across social media, the reviews have been mixed...

Some people really enjoy it, calling it delicious. Other's don't.

A typical reaction when a new menu item comes out. That just means if you're curious about it, you should try it yourself.

Is Beyond Fried Chicken really vegan?

The idea is to offer a vegan-friendly meal option at KFC.

Burger King came out with the Impossible Whopper which isn't vegan as-is but, is easy enough to convert to vegan by taking off mayo and cheese from the burger.

Other restaurant chains have come out with vegan menu items as well.

It's KFC's turn.

Have you tried KFC's Beyond Fried Chicken? What do you think of it?

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