$1,800 Stimulus Checks This Week?

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Second Update: We're in 2022 now and the child tax credit has ended. There have been talks brewing for months about possibly reopening this up to households throughout the year, even upping it to $2,000/month per household for the entire year. As this develops, more information to come.

Update: Today is the last day households will be receiving their up to $300 payment per child from the Child Tax Credit. $1,800 payments also expected to be received this week to eligible households.

Some families are getting stimulus checks up to $1,800 in the month of December.

For eligible households that were late to enroll in the Child Tax Credit which ends in December 2021, they may be getting up to $1,800 in back payments in the final month of the Child Tax Credit.


In 2022 there have even been talks that the Child Tax Credit will continue, providing aid to eligible households that are in need of the monthly check to help them financially recover from the devastation that the pandemic brought.

What's the Child Tax Credit?

It started in July 2021 and continues until December 2021.

Eligible households receive $250 per child aged 6+ years old and $300 per child for kids under age 6. This aid is meant to help struggling families that may have been impacted by COVID-19.

IRS.gov explains the Chlid Tax Credit:

  • Half your total credit will be paid in monthly installments
  • The remaining half is claimed when you file your 2021 tax return

Note: Be aware of phishing scams targeting Child Tax Credit households

Who gets the $1,800 stimulus child tax credit payment in December?

Eligible households that meet these requirements may get this credit:

  • Households that signed up late to receive child tax credit payments

For example, if a family with child age 3 failed to sign up to receive their child tax payments in time, they would be eligible to receive it in one lump sum in December, which could be up to $1,800.

How do you know if you will receive it?

You may have already received a notice in the mail from the IRS to enroll in the Child Tax Credit program by the deadline of 11/15/21.

Eligible households that receive the credit in December will expect to get a direct deposit or check mailed to them for up to $1,800 per child.

What do you think about this?

And do you think you'll be expecting an $1,800 payment from the IRS next month?

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