Where to order your Thanksgiving turkey this year?

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Don't want to slave in the kitchen for 12 hours this year cooking Thanksgiving dinner?

Order in!

And, there are places all over town in the Greater Houston area where you can order your Thanksgiving turkey dinner including all the trimmings.

I tried this for the first time two years ago and I kicked myself for not trying it sooner:

  • Save time
  • Have a stress-free holiday
  • Enjoy a delicious restaurant-quality Thanksgiving meal

Now, this might not be the cheaper option if you compare ordering Thanksgiving dinner to cooking it at home yourself but, it will give you your time back so you can enjoy your holiday with family and friends.

Here are some of the best places to order your Thanksgiving turkey meal this year:

1. BB's Tex Orleans

2. BigHorn BBQ

3. Perry's Steakhouse

4. B&B Butchers

5. Cracker Barrel

6. Greenberg Smoked Turkeys

7. Weights + Measures

8. Truth BBQ

9. Rainbow Lodge

10. The Pit Room

11. Hugo's

12. Tony's

These are some of the best places in the Greater Houston area to order your Thanksgiving meal.

What to expect ordering Thanksgiving dinner

Many of these restaurants serve your Thanksgiving dinner hot and ready, ready to take home and devour so you'll need to do zero preparation and you can serve as soon as you're ready to eat dinner.

Others will offer your meal ready to be heated which just requires a short time for warm up and reheating before you enjoy the meal with your loved ones.

Some tips to consider:

  • Allow plenty of time for ordering
  • Consider that many restaurants are not open on Thanksgiving day so you may be required to pick up your order a day or two before the holiday
  • Ordering Thanksgiving dinner will be more expensive than cooking at home

First, allow plenty of time for ordering. If you're thinking about ordering for this year, consider placing your order this week!

The first year I ordered turkey and sides for the holiday, I lucked out and ordered for Thanksgiving about 5 days before the holiday and everything worked out.

For Christmas, I tried the same but, they were completely sold out!

To avoid this scenario, I'd recommend placing your order as soon as possible, at least 2 weeks or longer out.

Next, consider the pickup timeframe as many establishments are not open on the holiday. And, if you do have to pick up your meal before Thanksgiving Day, think about storage, preparation and accommodations you might have to make, like if your stove is broken, it will make it difficult to reheat a turkey for an hour, for example.

If you do pickup on Thanksgiving Day, allow plenty of time as there may be long wait times.

Lastly, ordering a holiday meal will be more expensive than cooking at home. It's not unusual for turkeys to cost up to $80 or more prepared. You're paying for the food and labor so this won't be cheap but it will be a delicious experience and a major time-saver, just plan accordingly.

My experience and review ordering Thanksgiving dinner

My experience is with BB's Tex Orleans and Greenberg Smoked Turkeys.

BB's Tex Orleans serves juicy, seasoned fried turkeys. You can get them stuffed or not, your choice. Plus, they offer some delicious sides like rice dressing, collard greens, mac and cheese, red beans and rice and more.

My family ordered the turkey and two sides one year as we wanted to experience cooking our favorite sides at home while enjoying a pre-made bird that could be heated quickly on Thanksgiving Day. The food was absolutely delicious and it makes me not want to go back to cooking turkey at home ever again.

Greensberg Smoked Turkeys is based out of Tyler, Texas and they deliver your smoked turkey to your doorstep. The first time I enjoyed a smoked turkey was from this place a few years back and it was the best turkey I have ever tasted.

It's juicy, smoked, and full of flavor. Turkey is generally not my favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving. If I go back for seconds, turkey doesn't make it on my plate but the year I enjoyed a Greensberg turkey for the first time, I went back for seconds and only got turkey!

Due to a fire the company had last year, I wasn't able to enjoy their turkey but this year they are serving for the 2021 season and if you want to enjoy a delicious smoked turkey, you've got to try them out!

Don't forget dessert!

Many of these places serve delicious Thanksgiving desserts too! If they don't, check out this list...

Are you ordering your Thanksgiving dinner this year? Comment below to share.

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