The failing supply chain is impacting Texans

Jenn Leach

I went to H-E-B yesterday. To my surprise, more shelves than ever were wiped clean.

It was shocking to see an entire half freezer near the seafood counter completely gone. The gluten free chicken nuggets I was trying to buy for my son were not available.
Jenn Leach
Jenn Leach

Not a big deal but, this is just one of many more food shortages that Texans and the rest of the country will face as we get further into the season.

The pandemic has screwed up the supply chain

A lot of us know this.

But, how exactly did it happen?

According to this story, this disruption resulted in part because:

  • Businesses have little inventory to sell
  • Domestic supplier delays are growing
  • Some industries can't hire workers fast enough
  • Price increases

What's in short supply?

A variety of goods and materials from lumber, semiconductors, computer chips, fitness equipment, chicken, beef, soda, beer, and other goods.

Who is being impacted?

Not just Texans but, people around the country and around the world.

We see the supply chain disruptions with empty shelves in grocery stores, rising costs of certain items and delayed delivery times.

In the past week I've heard multiple times about doing holiday shopping now instead of waiting until next month or December.


The Washington Post says:

Two months out from the peak holiday shopping season, consumers are encountering empty store shelves, rising prices and shipping delays that seem to stretch into oblivion. Container ships are clogging ports, awaiting cargo or unable to get past the gridlock to unload their goods. Some factories have gone dark, lacking raw materials and hands to run machines.

Do you plan on holiday shopping early?

What do you think about the supply chain shortages? Have you felt a change?

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