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H-E-B Sushi Counter Review Katy, Texas

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In this food review I’m gonna go over the H-E-B sushi station in Katy, Texas. Keep reading to learn about the food, experience, and overall impression. 

The Food

You might roll your eyes to think about sushi from a grocery store but the H-E-B sushi station in Katy, Texas is top notch.

First, one of the things I love about H-E-B is how diverse it is. You can find fresh fish sushi, cooked sushi, nigiri, maki rolls, and sides like seafood salad, eggrolls, seaweed salad, sushi bowls and a lot more.

I first tried HEB sushi many years ago and it was an exciting exciting experience to find a sushi counter at a grocery store. It’s definitely a nice touch and something that makes H-E-B stand out as a grocery store compared to their competitors.

Most H-E-B stores if not all H-E-B stores have sushi available. Your walk up to the sushi stand where you usually find one to three people behind the counter preparing fresh sushi. They are surrounded by aisles of fresh sushi that they have made in store. I’ve eaten a little bit of everything at H-E-B but this is what I ordered most recently…

I usually pick up the sushi in packs of two.

You get a lot of food for the money and most recently I had the salmon combo pack. It was a combination of different salmon rolls and salmon nigiri. It came with wasabi, a packet of soy sauce, and pickled ginger.

H-E-B carries a lot of different varieties of cooked rolls as well.

The cooked sushi rolls are regular sushi except they’re made with cooked fish like smoked salmon or crab, for example. You can also order sushi fresh just the way you like it.

To do this, I’d recommend you either calling in advance or visit the sushi station before you start your grocery trip, place your order with them, and then when you’re done with your groceries make your way back over to the sushi station and your order will probably be ready.

This was offered to me one time when I was looking in the sushi area for a while and couldn’t find what I wanted. The attendant there asked me what I was looking for and when I told her she said that she can make it for me fresh and to come back in 10 minutes! 

When my husband was vegan he would commonly get the vegetarian sushi which is rice, seaweed, and assorted vegetables like carrots, cucumber, and avocado.

A nice addition to the sushi station which I’ve noticed in recent years are their sides.

They have a huge array of sides in almost as many variations as their sushi. You can find pork eggrolls, chicken eggrolls, seaweed salad, spring rolls, bowls, seafood salad, wontons, dumplings, and so much more!

When at H-E-B, get their sushi!


There’s no dine-in experience at H-E-B. You grab your sushi and check out as you normally would grocery shopping. 

Remember that you can custom make any kind of sushi that you want, based on the ingredients that your H-E-B has available.

So if you want sushi with avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, french fried onions or any other fillings that you like, call ahead or visit the sushi counter before your grocery shopping to get your custom made sushi.

I have an incredible experience at H-E-B sushi station every time. The workers at the sushi counter always knowledgeable and super helpful. I’m super grateful for my initial experience where I was told that I can have my sushi made to order just the way I want! Take advantage of this.

Overall impression

H-E-B sushi counter is rated 9 out of 10.

It’s a grocery store, sure, but the sushi is really delicious. I grab at least one pack of sushi every time I am at H-E-B and I prefer it to some of the local Japanese restaurants for the price alone. If you get a chance, check out the sushi counter at H-E-B.

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