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The Bacchanal Buffet Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nevada Restaurant Review

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The Bacchanal Buffet is located in Caesars Palace Las Vegas. If you have never been here and are considering it, keep reading. This restaurant review will go over the food, service, experience and my overall impression. Let’s go!

The Food

I chose to try out The Bacchanal Buffet in Caesars Palace because it was rated the top three buffets in Las Vegas. Its rating was #2. I wanted to see for myself and this is what I thought about the food.

When you walk into the buffet, the first thing that you’ll notice is how large the actual buffet line and dining room is. It’s one of the largest buffets that I’ve ever been to. It’s really spread out with tons of tables and plenty of places to sit and eat.

It will probably take you about 10-20 minutes to go through the buffet line because of how big the buffet is and because of crowds.

First, this is a popular buffet so it’s going to be busy. That means that you’ll be waiting in line to get to food stations that you want to visit to load up your plate.

Second, the buffet line is huge, filled with foods and cuisines around the world. You will want to check it all out and that will take time to work yourself through the buffet line.

Come hungry.

They have seafood, stations with fresh prime rib and steak, tons of different pasta dishes, little plates, sushi, and so much more. There really is so much food.

It’s really easy to fill up on the heavier dishes like the buns from the Asian station which are so delicious and rolls and bread, pasta dishes and saucy entrées.

And don’t forget to make room for dessert.

The dessert is incredible. It was one of my favorite parts of the experience. They have a ton of different tiny plates with everything from cheesecake to chocolate cake, custard dishes with gold leaf and more.

The desserts are fancy and dressed up so cheesecake and cake might sound plain to you but, your choices on the buffet line will be far from it.

My husband’s favorite was this dome-like dessert which had the texture of custard or cheesecake. It was tropical-tasting with flavors of guava and melon. It was layered with different colors with a fruity-tasting thin jelly glaze on top and garnished with gold leaf.

I loved all the desserts so I don’t have a favorite. What I liked the most about the dessert lineup was that they were all so sophisticated and beautiful, each plated in their own tiny dish.

We probably had 6 to 10 plates of dessert on our table, between the two of us!

For beverages we had water and enjoyed hot coffee with desserts. We were at the buffet for about an hour and a half.

The Service

The service was great. Our waiter was attentive and quick to take away dirty plates and top off our drinks. He checked in on us often and provided excellent service.


The experience was incredible and although I have only been to the buffet once, I’ll definitely be going back again and again.

Be prepared to pay for the experience. When we visited a few years ago, the price was around $50 per person and I’m sure it’s increased since then.

Is it worth it?


Overall Impression

My impression of The Bacchanal Buffet was positive. I was blown away, if I’m being frank.

The food was fresh, hot, and delicious. The service was exceptional and the experience is one I won’t ever forget.

10 out of 10!

Try this buffet the next time you’re in Las Vegas. You won’t regret it!

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