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Cool Runnings Jamaican Grill Houston, Texas Restaurant Review

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Cool Runnings is a Caribbean restaurant located in Houston, Texas. In this restaurant review I’m going to share about the food, experience, service, and overall impression. Let’s go.

The Food

Cool Runnings serves Caribbean food. Their menu consists of items like jerk chicken, brown stew chicken, oxtails, beef patties, and an array of other entrées and items with Caribbean influence. 

When my husband and I visit, we commonly get the brown stew chicken and oxtails. When you walk into the restaurant, they also have a cooler to the left where you can grab drinks like an assortment of icy cold sodas, juices, and other beverages. 

I’ve eaten many entrées from Cool Runnings but my go-to is the brown stew chicken. 

It is chicken cooked in a stew sauce. It’s well seasoned and has a lot of flavor. Cooking the chicken in the stew makes it very tender and it falls off the bone. 

The plate comes with rice and peas and cabbage. It all works very well together and they give you a huge portion so if you order to-go, you’ll be eating your plate for two or three days.

The jerk chicken is probably one of the most popular items that they serve. 

I’ve also had this and it’s good. The chicken is not as moist as the brown stew chicken but it’s packed with flavor and has a sweet and spicy taste to it. It comes with a jerk sauce on the side as well so you can dip the chicken in the sauce for more moisture and added spice. This plate also comes with rice and peas and cabbage.

My husband’s oxtails come with rice and peas and cabbage. They are hearty, tender and seasoned well. He orders this almost every time we visit Cool Runnings.

The beef patties are flavorful and we often order them as a starter that we eat ahead of our meal or on our drive home if we order takeout.

The drinks are probably one of my favorite parts of the experience. There are a variety of tropical, fruity and unique drinks you can choose from like teas, juices, and sodas. We usually pick up 3 or 4 To take home when we order takeout.


When you walk in, to the left you can order takeout at the counter and to the right you can be seated to eat in their dining room.

The dining room is nicely decorated and dimly lit. It has a comfortable feeling and you’ll feel at home. At the takeout counter you have a great view of the huge menu displayed behind the counter and you can order from staff.

You will find a little bit of everything on the menu from seafood, vegetarian dishes, desserts, appetizers and more.


Service has been good every time we visited. They’re friendly, courteous and we feel welcomed. If you have questions about the menu or wondering about the spice level of a dish, the staff are helpful and knowledgeable.

On weekendsit can get pretty packed so make sure that you either arrive a little early or order ahead of time so you don't have to wait too long. Worst case scenario, come prepared to wait, especially on Saturday nights.

Overall Impression

My overall experience was positive. 

I’ve been to Cool Runnings almost a dozen times and they never disappoint. I would rate them 9 out of 10. The food is delicious. The staff is friendly and helpful. They're one of my favorite Caribbean restaurants in Houston. If you’re looking for Caribbean food in the Greater Houston area, you should check it out.

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