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Spice Market Buffet Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, Nevada Restaurant Review

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I visited the Spice Market Buffet in Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, Nevada for breakfast. Planet Hollywood is located on the strip in Las Vegas at 3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89109. This restaurant review is going to go over the food, experience, and overall impression. Let’s go.

The Food

I’ve heard good things about the Spice Market Buffet so I decided it was time for me to see for myself. My husband and I visited the buffet in Planet Hollywood Las Vegas for breakfast. Here’s how the food was..

When you think of a breakfast buffet, you definitely think of getting a little bit of everything. Planet Hollywood’s buffet did not disappoint.

The buffet was split into sections and there was an omelette bar, a pancake and waffle station, an area where you can get smoothies and cold foods like rice pudding and cool drinks including fresh juice, a fresh fruit station, and more. 

My husband and I each filled up two plates of our favorites from the buffet.

He had mostly eggs and meat. His plate was filled with sausage and bacon. He also had an omelette and a fresh juice with a side of hashbrowns.

I had a little bit of everything but mostly carbs. So my two plates had pancakes with syrup, fresh fruit, two strips of bacon, hashbrowns, one fresh juice and one fruit smoothie. 

We enjoyed our plates with hot coffee.

It sounds like there was a lot of food and there definitely was but compared to dinner buffet, it was substantially less. So if you’re visiting for breakfast and you’ve been to dinner, just know that the selection is not quite as large.

Still, the food was good. 

I liked the variety and this was the best breakfast buffet that I had ever been to. For breakfast, the buffet was quiet so it wasn’t bustling with people which I really enjoyed. The server was very attentive and friendly.

We ended up getting so much during the first round that we did not go back for a second round at the buffet. We ate most of our plates and sat for about 30 minutes digesting our food and drinking coffee before we left.

The Experience

You go down the escalator in Planet Hollywood to arrive at the buffet. 

It’s a real experience. 

You’ll pay around $30 per person or so. We visited a few years ago so the price may have increased since then but it will be expensive.

After you pay you’ll be shown to your seat. We didn’t have to wait very long to be seated as there was no line for breakfast. We visited during the week and that probably contributed to the shorter lines and less busy buffet. I expect weekends to be much busier.

As I mentioned above, the server was super helpful. They were always there to take away plates and get us anything that we needed, topping off our cups with hot, fresh coffee.

Overall Impression

My impression of the Spice Market Buffet in Planet Hollywood was positive. I rate the buffet an 8.5 out of 10. 

It would’ve landed a perfect score of the buffet had been fully filled. 

Because they don’t fill it up quite the same as dinner, there are gaps in the buffet line where there’s no food and it’s just empty.

If they had the buffet fully filled then they would’ve landed a perfect score 10/10 from me. 

If you’re really hungry for breakfast and you want some diversity in your meal like a little bit of everything, I recommend checking out the Spice Market Buffet in Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. You’ll like it!

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