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During a recent trip to the coast of Texas I ate at a restaurant called Snoopy‘s Pier. Snoopy‘s Pier is located in Corpus Christi, Texas. In this restaurant review I’m going to go over the food, the experience, and overall impression. Let’s get started.

The Food

When you visit the coast, you want to eat seafood. I found this restaurant called Snoopy’s Pier and this is how the food was.

We ordered two entrées and one kids entrée. 

The first dish was fried shrimp. It came with two sides and those were hush puppies and french fries. 

The second dish was a fried seafood platter that came with fried fish and fried shrimp along with hush puppies and french fries. 

The kids meal was a grilled cheese sandwich with french fries and a pack of goldfish crackers.

The fried shrimp entrée was mine. The shrimp tasted fresh and it was seasoned well and filling. It only came with a handful of shrimp (around 6 pieces) but it was plenty and left me satisfied. 

The french fries were fine. They were tasty and I can’t complain about them. The hush puppies were delicious and one of my favorite parts of the meal. They were smaller than I was expecting but seasoned very well and crispy. 

Between all three plates that we ordered, there were at least a dozen hush puppies and I ate most of them.

The fried seafood platter was my husband’s plate and he absolutely loved it. He devoured it all and was really impressed at the fried fish. 

The fried fish is still unknown as to what type of fish it was but it wasn’t a typical fried fish patty that you may get from another restaurant. These were smaller pieces and they were oddly-shaped which made us feel like it was local and super fresh. 

Regardless, the fish was a show stopper, very tender and delicious. 

The kids meal grilled cheese plate was fine. My son gobbled it up and didn’t say a word which leads me to believe that he really liked it since he’s a picky eater.

I have to say, one thing that I liked about the restaurant is that they had a ton of side dishes available. We picked french fries but you could also get curly fries, okra, rice, and other sides. 

They were also very open to customization. 

For example, the fried seafood platter actually came with four different types of fried seafood including oysters  which my husband didn’t want so, we were able to just get the two types of fried seafood that he wanted, which is the shrimp and fish. 

So I like that they were offering up that customization option.

The Experience

We visited Snoopy‘s Pier on the weekend. 

It was a Sunday early afternoon and the line was out the door. This is typical for a lot of coastal restaurants on the weekends in the area. 

So, if you plan on visiting Snoopy‘s, just be prepared to wait. A lot of restaurants on the pier in Corpus Christi like Snoopy’s will also deliver to your boat. So if you’re parked on your boat on the water, you can arrange for boat delivery which is something pretty cool.

The food took about five or 10 minutes longer to receive than what we were expecting. The staff was nice and we got plenty of side sauces like tartar sauce and cocktail sauce at no additional charge. The overall experience was positive.

Overall Impression 

I enjoyed my time eating at Snoopy’s Pier. I would definitely eat here again. 

The menu is moderately sized so you’ll find a bunch of different entrée options to pick from including starters and desserts. 

They have many options for kids meals too so your children won’t feel left out. 

I would rate Snoopy‘s Pier a 7 out of 10. It was a good experience and I would eat here the next time I visit Corpus Christi. If you’re looking for a good restaurant in Corpus, check out Snoopy’s Pier.

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