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Wynn Buffet Las Vegas Restaurant Review

Jenn Leach
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The Wynn buffet in Las Vegas has been ranked number one best buffets in Vegas many times. In this review I’m gonna go over the food, experience and overall impression. Keep reading. 


The Wynn is a beautiful luxury hotel in Las Vegas. The first time I visited the hotel was a couple years ago which was the last time I visited the Vegas area. And the only reason I was in the hotel was for the buffet. We ended up going there for brunch and it was an absolutely spectacular experience.

You know the food is good when there’s a line, right?

The line!

This is probably the longest line I have ever stood in for a restaurant. The line was easily 90 minutes long and wait and we were going to wait that.

About 10 minutes into the wait my dad discovered a loophole and I’m gonna share it with you. If you pay a small fee you can cut the line. And it was only $10. So we happily paid $10 per person to cut the line and it was worth every dollar.

The restaurant is really gorgeous. The Wynn’s  theme is floral and flowers so you’ll notice gorgeously dressed trees and flowers all throughout the buffet area and entryway. As you walk into the restaurant they have this sunlit room that is too beautiful and there are tables lined up on either side where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful light as you eat your meal.

Because this was several years ago that I enjoyed this buffet, I can’t tell you exactly everything that I had on my plate but I do remember most of what I ate. They had a great mix of savory and sweet items and everything was really good. This is my number two favorite buffet in Vegas. My number one favorite buffet in Vegas is the Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan.

I remember eating rice pudding and an assortment of layered fruity yogurts or mousses. They had a nice protein selection. I think I remember leg of lamb and I ate so much that I had to slowly meander out of the restaurant like a sloth by the time I was done. I think we might’ve had mimosas as well.

They take after the Wicked Spoon buffet in that most of the items on the buffet are in tiny individual containers. I love this!

It’s something different that a lot of buffets are not doing so this touch made things stand out for sure. 

My group really loved their food too and my dad absolutely adored the hotel and buffet. The Wynn buffet is his number one favorite buffet in Vegas.


The service was exceptional. If you’re paying $30-$50 per plate at a restaurant, you know that the service is going to be really good. They were super friendly, more so than what you may experience at other restaurants with the friendly staff. It was a really nice experience and a fond memory that I have.

Overall impression

The Wynn Buffet I rank 9 out of 10. The reason why it’s not a perfect rating is because there was one buffet that offered more dishes that I absolutely loved and so that buffet in Vegas I rank a perfect 10 out of 10 and that was the Wicked Spoon. 

This buffet at the Wynn had some really delicious offerings and I filled my plate up but not as many favorites as I found out the other buffet. If you want a really sensational experience eating in Vegas, check out the Wynn Buffet.

Brunch was so delicious, I can’t wait to try their dinner buffet in the near future. Have you been here? Comment below to share your experience.

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