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Tiff’s Treats Bakery San Antonio, Texas Review

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Tiff‘s Treats is a cookie bakery. They also serve brownies, ice cream and drinks. I was introduced to this place a few years back and I had the privilege of visiting the San Antonio store several times before I moved out of the area. In this review of Tiff‘s Rreats I’m gonna share with you my personal experience, the food, service and overall impression. Let’s go.

The Food

They serve mostly cookies. In fact they’re known for their cookies and one thing that makes them special is that they deliver!

Now, today with the huge number of delivery services available like GrubHub or DoorDash, that might not feel like a big deal but they came out with cookie delivery we'll before these delivery services became popular.

All you do is visit their website, put your favorite cookies in your basket along with any extras you might like and check out. Then about 20 minutes later you’ll have warm cookies delivered to your door. It’s a really unique and special experience and yes, the cookies are warm.

Try the cookies with an ice cold drink like a Starbucks Frappuccino that they sell by the bottle or ice cold milk. The warm and the cold go nice together and it’s super delicious.

Some of their cookie flavors are chocolate chip, peanut butter, peanut butter chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and other flavors. 

They also serve brownies and cookie ice cream sandwiches which are exactly what they sound like. They take fresh, warm cookies and sandwich them between a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

I’ve heard really good things about the cookie sandwich but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

I really love sending cookies to friends and family members especially when someone is not having a good day. It’s an easy gift to order and send out that you can order on the spot the same day and have it delivered a few minutes later. It’s definitely a good gift idea. 

Experience and Service

My experience has been positive. I’ve never had any issues or bad experiences at Tiff‘s Treats. Everyone is always happy and smiling. The deliver orders come pretty quickly and they’re always handed off by a smiling face. When you walk into the cookie shop, it is pretty tiny.

Probably no more than three or four people could fit inside a store, that’s how small it is. So there’s no place to sit and enjoy your cookies, it’s really meant for take out or delivery.

Not a problem for me and definitely no bad marks because of it just a warning for you. If you ever want to go for date night or family night to enjoy some dessert, there's no seating and no hang out space. It's a del-co (pickup/to-go/delivery only) kind of bakery.

Final Word

Tiff’s Treats gets two thumbs up. They are ranked 9/10.

I love their tasty cookies. The delivery is cool and they are innovative, constantly introducing new cookies around the holidays, which spices up their menu. I love that! They are stand out because you get your cookies warm via delivery or carry out. Not many bakeries can do that!

They have some delicious cookies and they are definitely something you want to try. I ordered some for a family member last year and they totally fell in love with the cookies. Enjoy this nice dessert at the end of the day and you cannot go wrong. If you go to Tiff's Treats, try my favorite cookie which is the peanut butter chocolate chip. It’s a nice blend of salty savory with sweet and the richness of the chocolate is very good. It tastes really really good.

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