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Cake Shop Bakery San Antonio, Texas Restaurant Review

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I’m excited to talk about one of my favorite bakeries in San Antonio, Texas. It’s called Cake Shop. You’ll learn about the food, my experience, service and overall impression. Here we go!

There are a couple Cake Shop locations in the San Antonio area. They’re known for their beautiful wedding cakes and they also make whole cakes that they will slice up and sell by the slice along with other pastries like cookies, pies and cheesecakes. 

I used to work around the corner from their central location and I eventually moved pretty close to it too.

At that time I would probably hit up Cake Shop at least once a week. 

It was a bad habit but luckily it wasn’t adding to my waist line. 

The cake slices are absolutely huge. They are probably the biggest slices of cake I’ve ever had anywhere. Because it’s so big you probably can’t finish it all in one sitting. 

So what I would do is get one or two slices, sometimes three if I was feeling feisty and I would eat them slowly over the course of a week or two. Literally a bite here or there every day and that would totally satisfy me. 

If you’re a cake geek like me then you’ll definitely want to hear this place up if you’re in or around San Antonio, Texas.

The Food

Ok, so they’re known for their cake and I’m gonna go over some of the flavors that they carried. My favorite was their lemon cake and the red velvet cake. A close second was the chocolate tres leches cake.

The lemon cake was zingy and sweet. It had a thick buttercream icing that went perfectly with the cake and they filled it with zingy lemon curd filling.

The red velvet cake was dense and moist at the same time. They frosted it with a cream cheese butter cream icing. Red velvet cake and cream cheese icing is like a marriage in heaven so the pairing was really beautiful.

The only thing that made the delicious chocolate tres leches cake fall in second place other than first was the fact that it was much smaller than the traditional large cake slice that they are known for. It was moist and soaked and it came with a chocolate mousse icing and the whole thing was so divine. I had to eat this thing slowly or I would inhale it.

My sister’s favorite was the Italian cream cake. It was a vanilla cake with coconut and pecans and it was topped with a cream cheese icing that was also dusted with more pecans. It was either pecans or walnuts it but it was something she really loved and enjoyed the pairing. This was her go-to every time we visited the bakery.

They had some other desserts as well like cookies and some other things but the cake slices were what I usually gravitated to. They had whole cakes in their display case as well if you wanted to pick up a cake to-go. I ordered a birthday cake from here once and it came out really great and tasted delicious.


The service was fine. I never encountered any rude staff member and it was comfortable enough just to walk in and grab what you need and then go to the counter. Plus as often as I would go, they came to know me which is always a nice feeling when the store knows you when you walk in.


There are plenty of bakeries in San Antonio. If you were in the area I would recommend that you check out Cake Shop. They have a few locations throughout the city. Anyone of them would be awesome to walk into and grab yourself one or two slices of their delicious cake.

That wraps up this review. Are you a cake nut? Comment below and let me know what your favorite flavors.

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