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The Bootlegger Italian Bistro Restaurant Review Las Vegas, Nevada

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The Bootlegger is a restaurant bistro located at 7700 S. Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, Nevada 89123.

In this restaurant review you will learn about the food, experience, and overall impression at The Bootlegger.

The Food

My husband and I tried this restaurant in Las Vegas called The Bootlegger, at the recommendation of our taxi driver.

We visited the restaurant, spent about an hour and a half there, ate dinner and drinks. It felt like a local favorite even though it’s in the heart of tourist central, on Las Vegas Boulevard.
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The restaurant was dimly lit and we were seated in this dark chocolate leather puckered booth.

Live music was playing.

We had drinks and ordered two delicious pasta dishes.

For drinks we each had water and two cocktails.

I had a pina colada and my husband had a long island iced tea. My drink was fresh, fruity, and tasty. It wasn't too sweet and it tasted perfectly balanced.

My husband's drink was a bit stronger but still very good. He drank the whole thing quickly and ordered a second.

We sipped drinks and ate fresh bread at the table before our meal arrived which took about 25 or 30 minutes.

I ordered spaghetti and meatballs and my husband ordered pink pasta. They were both delicious but my husband‘s pink pasta was the real show stopper.

He took a gamble and tried a dish the waiter recommended and it paid off.

Food taste and presentation

First, both dishes were fresh and hot.

They were well-seasoned and tasted comforting without being overly heavy.

I wanted a lighter marinara-based pasta dish and went traditional with spaghetti and meatballs. It did not disappoint.

My husband's pink pasta dish was meatless and the pink-colored sauce comes from the mix of marinara and alfredo sauce that they use. His dish was incredible and I wish that I ordered it!

Next, everything tasted homemade. It wasn't too heavy and it was just the perfect portion. No leftovers required here. We both ate most of our plate and didn't take carry-out dishes back to our hotel.

The menu was diverse and there were a lot of choices.

The menu was very tempting. You will want to order a plate to-go and take it back to your hotel room.

The Service

The staff was exceptionally friendly. I was super grateful for their service.

This felt like a fancy restaurant but without the need to dress up. Reservations were not required and while staff and servers were dressed like they were working a black tie event, restaurant patrons (us included) were casually dressed.

The waiter was pleasant. When my husband asked for a recommendation, the waiter was confident and thoroughly explained the pink pasta dish that he ended up ordering. He seemed very knowledgeable about the wine selections and food pairings too.

The Experience and Overall Impression

The Bootlegger was a good choice and I'll be visiting again.

The food is exceptional. It comes to your table hot and fresh, the ingredients are high quality and your meal will be delicious.

The entertainment is a nice surprise and you truly feel like you're experiencing Vegas vibes at this place. The restaurant has ambiance and creates a real mood.

The seating is comfortable and the restaurant is well kept and clean. Friendly and knowledgeable staff top it all off.

If you eat here, you won't be disappointed. From the food, comfortability and mood of the restaurant, the music and service, I rank Bootlegger Italian Bistro 10/10.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas, I recommend you stop at Bootlegger.

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