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Carlos Bakery is a New Jersey based bakery chain. I first found Carlo’s because they were on TV, on the show Cake Boss. The main character Buddy Valastro was loud and assertive. He definitely wasn’t shy and he kept staff in order. You watched as they got orders in and out, minding their busy bakery. 

Everything they created looked absolutely delicious. I never thought of that one day I would get the opportunity to try their pastries. 

I have always had a major sweet tooth. When I was a child, my parents actually kept sugar away for me for the first several years of my life. When I was a little older but still not school age, I started being introduced to sweets like -opsicles and cookies.

From then on, sugar was definitely a habit that I’ve had and as an adult although I am not craving sweets and not so crazy about them as much as I was as a child, I still definitely love a good sweet.

As a young adult I found myself in New York City and I got the chance to finally visit Carlo’s Bakery.

We went to the Hoboken, New Jersey location. It was a small bakery and it was totally packed. You could hardly see any of the goods in the bakery cases because the whole store was filled with people. We waited in line for about 20 or 25 minutes and then ordered where it took another 10 minutes to receive the food. Once we were done we started walking home.

I ordered a bunch of different stuff and this was my first experience with Carlo’s.

In this review I’m going to share with you my overall impression, experience, and feelings on the food and service at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken.

The Food

Carlo’s is a bakery and they serve baked goods. You can also get drinks here like hot coffee. I’ve visited three different locations in my life. The first one was in Hoboken. The second was NYC. The next one was in San Antonio. And then the last one was in the Woodlands, Texas.

From cookies, to pastries and eclairs,cakes and more, you were certainly get your fill of baked goods here. Everything is absolutely delicious.. The first time I had Carlo’s Bakery was in Hoboken, NJ and I was totally blown away. 

I ordered about $50 worth of big goods. I had a ton of different cannolis, the regular ones and chocolate dipped. I ordered a bunch of mini eclairs which look like a little ladies fingers top with chocolate and stuffed with cream. I also ordered cookies and lobster tail and a bunch more of other things.

I visited this place about a day or two before I flew back home and I was so obsessed with my little box of pastries that I carry them on the plane with me as a carry-on.

What I love about the food here is that it tastes so good!

All the ingredients taste super fresh and they have assembled everything together really beautifully to make everything they sell just taste so smashingly good. 

The cannolis are probably my favorite. The shell is crisp and fresh and they have different varieties of it. The chocolate coated one is my mother-in-law‘s favorite.

They are stuffed with this rich, luscious pastry cream filled with chocolate chips. The whole experience is something special and you definitely have to try it and make this place on your bucket list.

The Experience 

I always have a nice experience at Carlo’s Bakery. The staff is welcoming and happy.

Final Thoughts

Carlo's Bakery is my favorite bakery. I rank it 10 out of 10. Go here.

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