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The Wicked Spoon Las Vegas, Nevada Buffet | Restaurant Review

Jenn Leach
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Wicked Spoon is the Cosmopolitan Hotel buffet in Las Vegas, Nevada. In this review I'm going to share about the food, experience, and my overall impression. Here we go...

The Food

I am a total nut for Las Vegas. Growing up, my parents always promised my sister and I that we would go on a trip to Disney. Sadly that never happened but to make up for it, when my little sister turned 21 they took us to Vegas.

They had been to Vegas for the first time the year before and absolutely fell in love with it. My first visit to Vegas I really had no preconceived notions about how it was going to be and I was truly blown away.

Since then I’ve been to Vegas at least a dozen times or so. I would go every single year if I could. And if you haven’t visited Las Vegas, you definitely have to put this place on your bucket list. One of the things that I love about Vegas is the food. You can get food from all over the world and every cuisine and it’s all truly delicious.

I researched the best food places in Vegas and the Wicked Spoon came up on the list. At the time it was ranked the number 2 best buffet in Vegas and I knew that I had to try it!
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The Wicked Spoon is an interesting buffet. I like it because you can try new foods that you may not find at other buffets on the strip.

For example, at other buffets they usually have the buffet split up by region or by cuisine.

They like to offer a little bit of everything so they may have an Italian section with pizza and pasta. They have a seafood area with seafood dishes. A meat section with prime rib, roast chicken, steak and other various cuts of meat. An Asian section where you can get pho, eggrolls, stir fries, sushi etc.

This is all fine and I love these buffets too. The food and every section is to die for but the Wicked Spoon isn’t quite like this. I wouldn’t say that the food is from any specific region or any one cuisine. It’s all just good food. That’s how I would describe it, good food.

For example, I was excited to try the DIY mac & cheese bar. There’s a chef who prepares mac & cheese and you can add whatever fixings you want to it like spicy peppers, mushrooms or tomato or whatever you want. It is divine. I also tried escargot for the first time without even knowing it. It was smeared on grits and I honestly thought it was beef. It tasted good.

They serve all the food in these cute little dishes and this is the one buffet that I will stuff myself for until I feel like passing out.

Literally, the last time I ate at the Wicked Spoon I slowly crawled back to my hotel room and I was really glad that I had a room in the hotel.

When you eat here, go hungry and take your time. You can hang out at the buffet for hours and slowly eat your favorites, drink, chat with friends and then go back for seconds or thirds. The food is incredible and you will not be disappointed.

The Experience

Expect to wait. Unless you go during an off peak time then there’s usually a line for the buffet. It doesn’t feel incredibly long but you will usually have to wait. The staff is friendly, the buffet area is huge with tons of room to walk around and plenty of seating. It’s super comfortable and everything’s really good.
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Overall Impression

The Wicked Spoon is ranked 10 out of 10. This is my favorite buffet to eat in Vegas.

I have even eaten at the number one best buffet which is in the Wynn hotel and I still like Wicked Spoon over that. When you’re in Vegas make this a place that you visit for their delicious buffet.

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