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Hurt's Donuts Houston Restaurant Review

Jenn Leach

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Hurts Donuts is a donut shop like no other I've experienced. If you've ever watched Food Network and saw these amazing donut shops featured with some really unusual and unique donuts, Hurts definitely reminds me of that. I have always wanted to eat a fun restaurant like that but sadly those spots just haven't been where I've lived and visited until I found Hurts!

I moved to the Houston area and was lucky enough to find this delicious donut shop.

When you walk in, they are making fresh donuts on one side behind a glass barrier so you can see how donuts are made. The sitting area is large and comfortable. They are kid-friendly and the donut case will blow you away.

In this Hurts Donuts review, I'm going to share information about the food, experience, and overall impression. Keep reading.

The Food

Hurts Donuts sells donuts. They also have some savory foods like kolaches along with a nice mix of drinks like hot coffee, juices, milks and other drinks.

The donuts are split between cake donuts and yeast donuts.

Cake donuts are dense and they are like having a thick chocolate cake. And the yeast donuts are tender and pillowy soft in the middle. They are the donuts they use to make glazed donuts that you eat from Krispy Kreme or your gas station or grocery store.

The cake donuts are hearty and you'll find some incredible creations like:

  • ET
  • Andes mint
  • Birthday cake
  • Fruity pebbles
  • And, more!

They basically ice these donuts and throw crazy fun ingredients on top like Fruity pebbles cereal, Andes mint candies chopped up, and more.

It's really unique and inventive. Not to mention very tasty!

The yeast donuts are in a variety of flavors too. The apple pie one is my sisters favorite. It's dipped in a cinnamon sugar mixture then filled with thick, gooey apple pie filling in the center. It's not a filled donut either. It has a hole in the middle I'm pretty sure.

Go to their website and check out their wild and crazy menu. They have a whole theme going on and you'll love it.

The kolaches are amazingly good. They have big ones too.

And they are known for their giant cinnamon roll. It's $5 and it's humungous and super good.

The Experience

The experience is always good. I discovered Hurts when I first moved to the Greater Houston area. I thought it was just like any old regular donut shop I've been to but boy was I wrong!

I visit Hurts with my entire family. We used to go around once a month. It was a real habit, I must say.

My son loves to watch them make donuts. He rushes up to the counter to pick his favorite donuts.

My sisters favorite is the apple pie or the cotton candy donut (and yes, it comes with real cotton candy), I love the Andes mint and my husband is crazy over the giant cinnamon roll.

They serve a bunch of different drinks, coffee and merchandise too. It's a warm and welcoming experience. It feels very comfortable to sit and enjoy your donuts. They have different kinds of seating depending on your mood and accomodations like bar stool seating, picnic tables with colorful chairs for kids, etc.

Overall Impression

Hurts is a top favorite of mine and I rank it 9 out of 10. When I have family visit and come into town we always make it a point to visit.

When you visit Hurts try your favorite donuts, the kolaches are a must-try and definitely indulge in the giant cinnamon roll!

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