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Shipley Donuts | Katy, Texas Restaurant Review

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Shipley Donuts is definitely a family favorite. When I was growing up in high school we were lucky enough to have one across the street and we would indulge and get a box of donuts once every blue moon.

Once I moved out of the area a few hours away to the big city for college I was saddened that Shipley wasn’t in my new town. Although there were tons of other awesome donut places that were super delicious, nothing is quite like Shipley.

In this review of Shipley Donuts, I’m going to reveal it all. I’m gonna go over the food, what to expect, what you should order, customer service and overall impression. Let’s go.

Shipley Donuts - The Food

As the name tells, Shipley Donuts is a donut shop.

They also serve kolache’s, cinnamon rolls, and hot and cold drinks. What makes Shipley’s so amazing is that they have fresh donuts that they serve on the regular. My family is always crazy about their cinnamon twists. These are long donuts where the dough is twisted around each other into a twist and it’s almost around 10 or 11 inches long.

If you’ve eaten or seen a long john donut, it’s about that long or maybe a little longer. It’s cinnamon flavored slightly so, kind of tasting like a cinnamon bun but with mild cinnamon flavor to it. And then it’s lightly glazed like a glazed donut.

They get incredibly busy in the morning so make sure you go before 11 or 12 to make sure that your favorites don’t run out. I have visited during weekdays around 12:30pm when you wouldn't think they'd run out but I've encountered many sell outs of my favorites like ham and cheese kolaches, for example. So, plan in advance. I don't think it's quite that bad on the weekend. I think they prep up more for the crowd.

What to Order

If you like a sweet doughnut then you might enjoy my son’s favorite which is usually an iced donut with sprinkles on top. Their filled donuts are also really good and they’re filled with lemon, strawberry, chocolate, Bavarian cream and other fillings.

There are specialty donuts like their bear claws, apple fritters, and cinnamon rolls which are super good too. Kolache‘s are a Texas thing. So if you’re not a Texas native you might have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s a savory breakfast food which is kind of like a giant pig in the blanket. It’s a sausage that’s wrapped by a super soft bun. The sun is slightly sweet and the sausage can be plain, jalapeno flavored or with cheese. There are also ham and cheese kolaches which are my favorite, and other flavors.

When you go, get some donuts, try their cinnamon roll which is super huge and delicious, and try kolaches with a hot drink, like a hot coffee.

Customer service

I have always had excellent serve with every Shipley I’ve visited. This review is about the Katy, Texas Shipley Donuts in the Cinco Ranch community of Katy. Their service is exceptional. They are always super patient, especially when you pull up to the window and have no idea what you want to order.

Overall impression

I rate Shipley 9 out of 10. All locations are not the same. The only drawback with the Cinco Ranch Katy, Texas location is that they have no physical menu. At other locations, there is commonly a menu that you can look over so you know what to order before you go.

At this one you pull up to the window and dart your head to look behind the attendant to check out their donut selection. That’s if you’re in the drive thru. You can always go inside.

If you’ve never and Shipley Donuts and you’re looking for a delicious donut spot, check this place out!

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