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210 Ice cream is the ice cream shop we're reviewing. In San Antonio there are many ice cream places you can visit. Wondering about 210 Ice cream? In this review I'll share about the food, service, and overall experience.Let's go!

What is 210 Ice cream?

This quaint ice cream shop is located at 7126 Bandera Rd in San Antonio, Texas. It's a small shop with a big menu. I frequently would drive by and you really can't miss it.

The store windows are vibrantly decorated and it looks like a food place you want to check out.

Their menu is different.

It has some really interesting menu items like:

  • The Sandidilly
  • Picadilly
  • Shaved ice
  • Snowcones
  • Milkshakes
  • Smoothies
  • And, much more!

They have food items too like fritos or tostitos which they pour chili, cheese and other toppings onto. So good, I really can't say enough about this place.

The Food

One day we finally went! My husband had been trying to get me to try it for a while. So we ventured out and gave it at try.

Walking into the shop I saw a customer leaving with this orange colored soft serve in a clear cup with tons of ingredients sticking out of it. It looked good, whatever it was. When I went aside I asked what she ordered and they said it was a mangonada.

That's what I got!

A mangonada is a mango-flavored soft slushy/icee dessert. It's super smooth like the smoothest icee you've had. It's not liquid, there's definitely body to it like icecream. They top it with fresh mango, dust it with chamoi, stick a chamoi stick in it with limes and drizzle it with this sour red syrup. The whole thing is amazing!

My husband got a smoothie. He loved it.

Over the next few months, we tried various things from their menu but my favorite with the mangonada and the strawberry funnel cake. My mouth is watering thinking about the funnel cake.

It's a freshly fried funnel cake topped with loads and loads and loads of fresh strawberries, multiple scoops of vanillas icecream and whipped cream.


It's so good I really don't think I can describe it in words.

They also have a banana and oreo version or their funnel cake.

Something I love about 210 Ice cream is that they also have ice cream bars but not regular ice cream bars, the ones you used to order from the ice cream truck that went through your neighborhood. Tweety bird, bomb pops, the chocolate banana bomb pop, and more!

They partner with some delivery companies too to get your order delivered.

Check out their menu here.


Always friendly and smiling faces here. It's a small shop so it can get crowded with limited seating so be aware. We usually order take out and eat at home but we've eaten inside a few times too.

The food usually takes a few minutes to be prepared so expect to wait up to 10-12 minutes for your dessert, maybe later, depending on what you order.

It's more than scooping ice cream into a cone. They are preparing some extravagant amd complex orders. Everything is made fresh and some of their items like their funnel cakes will just take a little longer so be patient.

Overall impression

I would rank 210 Ice cream a 9 out of 10. The only thing I would be happier with is the turnaround time for receiving your order. Some extra staff in the back would help with that because they can get quite busy sometimes. And a larger shop would be good since the limited seating means a lot of families that visit may not get a chance to sit and enjoy their meal because it's so packed with no tables available.

Try everything on their menu! This is one of the best spots for dessert in San Antonio, hands down. Go, go often and try it all!

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