Top 5 Things Locals Love About Houston, Texas

Jenn Leach

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I relocated to Houston a few years ago and it took some getting used to, though I’m really happy I made the decision to move here.

It’s unlike other parts of Texas and unlike other parts of the country and I would know being in a military brat. If you’re looking to visit or possibly move to the greater Houston area, here are five things that the locals love about The Greater Houston, Texas area:

  • The food
  • The community
  • The weather
  • Shopping experience
  • Events and Entertainment

1. Food

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The food is really delicious. There’s a mix of mom and pop restaurants as well as national and regional franchises scattered throughout the area.

If you’re really looking for some unique food from Houston, be sure to check out some of the local groups on Facebook and other local community sites to find some awesome places to eat.

I recently went to a black owned food truck about 30 minutes outside the city and fell in love with their seafood stuffed potatoes. So much so that my family has gone multiple times to indulge in the food they offer. And this wind is discovered on a Facebook group!

Explore the city and enjoy the food. Another thing that I love is that you can find food from nearly every culture around the globe. My favorite is the Ethiopian food which has always been my favorite cuisine to eat.

2. The Community

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Houston is really a melting pot of people all over the world. I love the diversity of the area and it’s great to be in a place home to so many different cultures.

People from Texas are friendly period. But people especially from Houston are super friendly and welcoming. It wasn’t long before I really felt like part of the community. I really love this about the Houston area.

3. The Weather

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I will be the first to say that I have a love-hate relationship with weather here.

It’s different than the weather where I lived before and Houston actually has a rainy season which is a different experience for me. That means it’s cloudy and rainy during certain parts of the year.

And there is a hurricane season so there’s always a possibility for hurricane devastation to rip through the area. If you love rainy weather and how it makes you feel that this may be something that you actually like.

For me the rain is calming and serene. It relaxes me and makes me feel sleepy and wanting to linger in my pajamas all day. That’s a feeling that I will never be upset at although when I first transitioned here, all the rain, cloudiness and dark skies wore on me. So heads up if you move here experienced the same.

Since then I just really got used to it and that’s why the weather is on the list.

4. Shopping

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If you enjoy shopping then you will adore all the shopping opportunities that you will have in Houston.

They have some pretty incredible malls including the Galleria and other amazing shopping areas. You’ll find all your favorite brands and retailers here. There’s really nothing negative I can say about the shopping. It’s just awesome.

5. Events and Entertainment

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And lastly, you have the activities in the greater Houston area. So much to do in Houston!

Houston is the largest city in Texas and one of the largest cities in the nation so there is plenty to do here from music concerts to events and conferences. You will never get bored.

There’s even a ton of free things to do from walking the local national parks to window shopping in the Galleria, attending free events and carnivals and more.

Final Thoughts

There you go, the top 5 things locals love about Houston. What do you think?

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