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6 Weekend Activities to Do with Your Kids in Houston

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If you’re looking for fun activities to do on the weekend near where you live in Houston with the kids, I’ve got some ideas that you can take up. The weekend is a time for relaxation. You want to cut back, have fun, enjoy your free time and it’s no different for your kids. How can you keep them occupied?

Keep reading for these 6 weekend activities to do with your kids in Houston.

1. Go for a walk

This is probably my #1 go-to on the weekend. I try to keep it budget-friendly when it comes to weekend activities. It’s fine to spend money but I am definitely not one to be spending money every single weekend.

I’m lucky in that my son is still pretty young at 8 years old. It doesn’t take a lot to keep him happy and entertained.

Walking is an excellent form of exercise. It helps him get his energy out and he absolutely loves it. Even when we’re not going for a relaxing and leisurely neighborhood walk, he’s walking around the house or in the backyard on his own.

This might seem boring but it makes you feel good and it’s a healthy activity to get you moving and tire you out a bit.

For weekend walks go early in the morning or in the evening so it’s not too hot like it tends to be around mid day.

2. Go to the park

Head to your local community park. This could be a park in your neighborhood or subdivision. It can also be a city park or national park. There are plenty in the Houston area.

These are great for getting some sunshine and fresh air. If you have pets, check out the local dog parks in Houston which will keep your dog happy too.

This is a fun activity that will keep your family occupied for a few hours on the weekend.

3. Bike riding

Cycling is something I see often in my neck of the woods in Houston. There are cycling clubs and it's common to see cyclists riding around town early morning on Saturdays.

Aside from pursuing this hobby, just grab your bike and have your kids hop on their bikes and hit the ground.

You can bike for hours. It’s therapeutic, relaxing and a great form of exercise.

4. Go to brunch

Make a brunch date with your kids. We love Snooze in Katy, Texas. They have a full, delicious menu and they serve cocktails too!

They even cater to alternative diets like gluten free and vegan!

This is a fun Saturday or Sunday date for the entire family.

5. Go for a drive

Houston is huge. We love going for a night drive in the city to gaze at the tall skyscrapers and city lights. We can do this literally for hours driving up and down IH 10 or I-610.

It’s such a fun time and if you go in the evening you can avoid a lot of the daytime traffic that can creep up on Saturday afternoons due to families exploring the city, shopping, etc.

6. Do errands

This one sounds boring, I know but, it can be a win-win for you and your child. Hear me out here.

First, for you it’s a chance to get your errands done:

  • Groceries
  • Dry cleaning
  • Wash car
  • Etc.

So, you get out the house and you're productive!

For your kids it can keep them occupied and out of the house where they might be glued to the TV or playing video games.

Plus, walking around the mall or IKEA, grocery store or other places can be fun and all that walking can tire you out without even feeling it, which is great for a restful night's sleep for your entire house.

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