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17 Things to Do When Your Electricity Goes Out

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Electricity goes out. It happens and I just experienced it in the arctic blast that hit Houston. What do you do when your power goes out for an extended period of time?

What are Texans and those living in Houston and other parts of the country that are experiencing power outages doing?

This happened to me.

Over 50 hours with no electricity. It's a crazy feeling to look at your window at night and see the entire block pitch black.

Power outages can happen at any time and to cope with that, being prepared really helps. Here are some ideas to be prepared.

Get a generator

Generators are widely used in some areas. Make sure to practice generator safety and research a good generator for your needs, whether you need power for an appliance or your entire home.

Go battery powered

I wish I had a battery powered tea kettle, sleeping bag and heated blanket, power station, and other battery powered goods. These items are definitely on my wish list, when deliveries and stores open back up in my area.

Stock up on batteries

This is something my family did and I'm so grateful. We are Costco members and often get big batches of batteries to keep in the house for all our needs. This came in handy.

Keep non-perishable food

Canned goods, foods like oatmeal, soups, and foods that don't perish are great to keep in your home. Because when the fridge goes out for 12+ hours, we know that food needs to be thrown out.

Here are 17 ideas to help you out if you're experiencing an electricity outage.

1. Conserve your power

That means you should try to use your cell phone and other devices only when you need to. This is something I really struggled with. I used my car to charge my devices but the charge up time was incredibly slow so using that device after it's powered should be cherished.

A lot of apps and resources on your phone, for example, can zap its energy.

Turn off all battery-draining compoenents on your devices and use your devices only when needed.

2. Keep your home insulated

Stuff blankets and towels under your doors to keep the warmth in.

3. Keep doors in your home closed

Keep your doors closed to keep the warm in.

4. Huddle your family in one room to stay warm

Body heat. If you have more than one person in your household, snuggle up and get warm.

5. Use flashlights

Flashlights are great for light and they can last a long time.

6. Use candles

Candles are great for warmth and light. Just make sure you don't have candles left unmonitored.

7. If using a generator, make sure it is not used in your home

Practice generator safety.

8. Use your car as a source of warmth

Take advantage of your car. Get warmed up. Do this often and be careful not to drain the battery.

9. If safe, venture to the store to get supplies early

Supplies like water, batteries, blankets and more go quick so get these things if it's safe to do so.

10. Keep your sanity

Remain calm.

11. Remain calm

Keep your sanity and be calm.

12. Keep yourself busy (house work, exercise, etc.)

Busy yourself to keep your mind off the power outage.

13. Take a nap

Sleep. It can be tiring all the stress and overhwelm you feel when you're without valuable amenities.

14. Check in on friends and loved ones

Text or call friends and family. Make sure everyone is well and use your support system.

15. Wear layered clothing

Layered clothing like multiple socks, layers of sweaters, etc. This keeps you warm.

16. Try life hacks for warmth, like making a DIY heater with a tera cotta pot and tea candles

Go to Tik Tok or other social media and find hacks to help you.

17. Entertain yourself (board games, puzzles, storytelling, etc.)

Play games and entertain yourself.

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