Double Masking is Already Here - Are You Double Masking Up for COVID-19?

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I wrote a story about double masking about a week ago. At that time, the double masking that was being talked about in the media was fresh and only a few days old. I was on the fence on whether or not I'd actually partake in wearing two masks instead of one.

When I followed up on it less than a week later, it appears people are already adopting it!

I first heard about the story around 10 days ago and a family member mentioned it to me.

I googled it and saw the media picking up the story, talking about how people should start double masking up. They are also discouraging the public from staying long in places outside the home, like grocery stores, etc.

And, of course, still no public gatherings.

In this article, you'll learn what double masking is, why people are talking about adopting this way of masking up, who should do it, why it's important or unimportant and more. Keep reading.

What is double masking?

Double masking is just what it sounds like.

You wear two face masks instead of one. It's over a year later and you probably know about the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.

When COVID-19 hit I was already working from home. It was Spring Break 2020 and my son was home from school. I knew that he wouldn't be returning and I was right.

Today, I school him from home in our school districts virtual school program where we do Zoom lessons and meet over the internet to do school work, P.E., etc.

Wherever you reside, COVID-19 has impacted you, whether you've lost your job, your business grew, your area has curfews or school at home or other changes in your community.

Wearing a face mask was first introduced in the U.S. back around March 2020.

The purpose of wearing a face mask is to guard against COVID-19.

What I read about face masking was that it was an effective way to guard against the spread of COVID-19.

That means, it's more useful in protecting other people than yourself.

If you happen to have COVID-19 and you don't know about it (or you do), wearing the mask helps prevent you from unknowingly spreading the virus.

It offers more protection to others than to yourself since wearing a mask isn't a 100% fullproof way of NOT getting COVID-19.

Though, it does offer some protection.

Other suggested ways of protecting against spread of the virus include:

  • NOT gathering publicly
  • Limiting your visits in public places like grocery stores
  • Washing hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoiding touching your face
  • Using hand sanitizer

There are many different kinds of masks:

  • Surgical face masks
  • Cloth face masks
  • N95 face masks
  • Etc.

Each type of face mask offers a different level of protection.

For example, N95 masks can block 95% of small particles, while cloth masks can block less than that percentage.

Everybody does not have access to the highest level of protection face masks, as they are reserved for first responders.

So, what's the solution?

Up until now, wearing a face mask along with other practices like avoiding touching your face and washing your hands, are ways to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Now, we're talking about wearing two face masks.

What gives?

Who should double mask?

From what has been talked about with face masks so far, everybody should wear two face masks.

And, if you're out and about in the city where you live, you will start to see more and more people adopt this, wearing two masks.

Everyone who wears a mask (which should be everybody) will benefit from wearing double masks.

Why are people double masking now?

COVID-19 is still well and alive, unfortunately.

It's spreading and strains are mutating.

Google "covid variants" and you'll learn about:

  • The Brazilian variant
  • The South Afican variant
  • The UK variant

And, others!

What does this all mean?

In short, COVID-19 is spreading, it's adapting and changing.

Can double masking up help you avoid getting a new strain?


If one mask provides a 70% protective layer between you and the virus, for example, then will two masks get you closer to 100% protection?

These are the questions that people have about wearing two masks.

One thing is sure though, it provides more protection.

There are more and more variants of COVID-19 popping up

I named a few above, from South Africa, the United Kingdom and other places.

It's happening and it's happening now.


It's common for viruses to mutate.

This isn't new or unexpected.

The question is, will you start wearing double masks?

I see this as having a lot of push back from society. It's hard enough to get most of the population to commit to wearing one face mask, even though it's a mandate in many areas.

Many establishments, restaurants, gas stations and other places will not even serve you as a customer unless you're wearing a face mask.

I'm sure you've seen the customer and checker encounters at Starbucks and other places where a "Karen" will not wear a face mask and it results in a huge public spectacle.

Why the push back?

What's the harm in a mask?

I know masking up isn't ideal. It's also very difficult for some people, like those with health conditions and other groups.

Do I think double masking will be easily adopted?


Do I think double masking will be adopted at all?


Should it be?

I think if there's an easy enough solution to guard against COVID-19, it should be utilized. Wearing a second face mask is affordable enough, it doesn't require a big commitment in my opinion, and in the limited capacity that we're wearing them (in public places when we need to be there), I think it's something that more people should be open to.

Will I be wearing a double mask?

I think so.

I know my opinion is not shared by everyone but, based on my background, risk factors, and beliefs, I'm not opposed to wearing two masks if it helps prevent against the mutating COVID-19.

Many of you will not share my opinion and that's fine.

What do you think?

Will you be double masking up?

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