Double Masking Up for COVID-19

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Double masking for COVID-19? Yes, this is a thing that people are starting to talk about. I never thought that we would get to the point where we would have to wear multiple masks as protection but hey, if it helps, right?

The double mask talk that has started is talking about just that. Wearing two face masks to cover your face instead of the one mask that most people are wearing now, for the purpose of protecting against new mutant variants of COVID-19.

There isn’t talk (yet) about specific kinds of masks or how to wear your mask just generally wearing two face masks instead of one and that’s what this article is going to be about.

I still remember when Covid talk started over a year ago. It was a few weeks before Spring Break when I started hearing about it in the news more regularly. The President made a statement and there was one comment that he made that truly scared the living daylights out of me. 

Today, I can’t remember what that comment was but I certainly remember how it made me feel and after that statement I went into pandemic mode. I made sure that our home had medical supplies and I stocked up on an extra week's worth of groceries.

The Start

I remember walking through the grocery store and everything was calm while I was feeling like I was racing on the inside. 

I was looking around and everyone was totally fine. 

Everything was normal. And I didn’t see anyone stocking up or filling their baskets with water or other emergency behavior that I have been accustomed to seeing growing up.

As a child I lived in the Midwest for many years and we had a lot of tornadoes. I still remember hearing sirens multiple times throughout the year, every year as a tornado or multiple tornadoes hit our area. 

Going to the corner store, you would see people holding 7 to 8 gallon bottles of water in their hands, prepping for the storm and making sure they had enough rations for their family. 

I saw nothing of the sort in my grocery shopping trip and I kind of questioned whether or not I was going crazy. I held onto this feeling for a week or so.

It was around another week of normality before the big change happened and that’s when all the grocery stores in my area got hit, running out of water, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and other household goods and groceries.

The local news was covering the story as it was happening and the next day there were images on Twitter and in the news a grocery aisles stripped clean of meat, eggs and milk, water and other supplies.

At that point I really felt grateful that I had prepped the week before and when my child started Spring Break, I knew that he would not be returning back to school anytime soon. 

Today, almost a year later he still hasn’t.

Why Two Masks Now?

I started my day like any other day when I got a text from a family member about potential double masking mandate for new mutant strain of COVID-19. I was really shocked so I dove into the media to learn everything that I could and this is what I found out.

Apparently if you put on two masks instead of one it makes it more difficult for Covid particles to enter into your system. 

I mean if you think about it, itmakes sense. But it’s been hard enough to get people to wear one mask let alone two masks. Is it really necessary?

Well, it looks like the research is there and the question is, would you wear two masks to potentially double up on your protection against COVID-19? 

I’m sure there are even people that talk about wearing three masks or more but I personally think that that might be taking it too far and present many challenges for breathing especially if you have to wear your mask over a long period of time.

Are two masks going to be the new normal?

Are two masks really the new mask? 

We found a vaccine and it’s being disbursed to the general population in waves. 

Numbers are declining in parts of the world and we are finding a way to fight back against COVID-19. 

But new mutant variants of COVID-19 are being born and it’s becoming an increasing concern. And now, I think people should take the same precautions as before and while this double mask talk is starting to brew, I think we should really be open to anything. 

I mean if it’s going to save your life why question it?

Because the alternative is far worse and even if you do recover, you don’t want to be categorized into the Covid long haulers club, people who are experiencing long-term symptoms even six months after “recovering.”

I have to admit, wearing two masks is something I personally thought about doing myself when COVID-19 first started attacking the world over a year ago. 

My thought process was that one mask offers protection but that two masks offer even more protection. 

And I realize that my lifestyle and situation is different from others. I work from home and I have the ability to really stay indoors and be home most of the time, as does the rest of my family. 

Where I live, virtual schooling is an option and most of the city’s employers offer work from home options.

I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to wear a mask all day long at work, let alone two masks!

And then that begs the question, who should be wearing masks in the first place?

Who should wear double masks? People at high risk, healthcare workers or everyone?

What do you think?

I really think that we should do everything that we can in order to preserve society and keep people from getting sick with this illness. 

I don’t know why people complain about wearing a face mask when the alternative is so much worse...getting COVID-19 and possible death.

But, double masking really takes it to another level. I can’t imagine this being something that is widely excepted and adopted by everyone. 

But, what do I know??

What do you think? Comment below. 

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