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8 Things I'm Doing When Quarantine Ends

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When I say quarantine, I really mean when the pandemic is near or at an end and life returns how it was pre-COVID.

This post-pandemic list I started working on in March 2020. I knew it was going to be a long haul before things returned near normal before COVID-19 hit.

I've compiled a list of my favorite things I plan on doing post-pandemic and you should too.

Here's my list..

1. Disney

This has been on my bucket list forever.

I want to head to Disney in Orlando, Florida. I will be traveling for a week and I will pull out all the bells and whistles to make it a really incredible trip.

I'll be road tripping too, stopping along the way at fun destinations from where I live in Texas to Florida. That includes New Orleans, LA and other places.

You can actually go to Disney now. The park has some limitations and there's social distancing. I don't think everything is open yet but many people still go there to enjoy the experience.

Even if it's not 100% back the way it was pre-COVID, I will still be making the trip. This one I'm really looking forward to.

2. Gambling in a casino

I'm not a big gambler but I am a gamer.

Not video games but any other kind of game, like board games, mobile apps, card games, and of course casino games.

Many places in Las Vegas are reopening and while this is the destination I'll be heading to, I think I'll wait until it's 100% up and running so I can get the full experience.

For example, right now I hear some of my favorite buffets are closed.

Some are open and they operate a little differently because of the pandemic which is understandable but because I love the Vegas experience so much, this one I'm willing to wait on full reopening for so I can enjoy everything!

3. Local events

Depending on where you live, you may still be able to enjoy local events year round, like going to the pumpkin patch, attending a music concert outdoors, festivals, etc.

But, I want to enjoy those things without the anxiety of possibly catching COVID-19.

It's a scary thing and I would rather stay away from crowds, even social-distanced ones than expose my family unnecessarily for the experience of a fun, local event.

This is something I plan on really indulging in and on a regular basis once things are back to normal.

In the past I would go to local events periodically throughout the year. Really it was like once or twice a year, if I'm being honest, though some years it's a little more.

I plan on ramping this up when my city fully reopens so I can explore all the festivities and fun that Houston has to offer.

4. Taking my time shopping in public

It's different everywhere.

In Houston I think most places including malls are open. They have social distancing measures in place which makes me feel safer however, it doesn't stop me from whipping through the store when I need to shop.

I make a list before going, I go by myself, I try to be careful, I social distance and I visit during off-peak times, like in the last 15 minutes before the store closes or right when they open, during weekdays.

I look forward to enjoying true retail therapy and soaking in the store and experience of shopping post-pandemic.

And, this includes the mall which I really cannot wait for!

5. Pampering

A good massage goes a long way. It's not incredibly expensive and it's a nice treat here and there when you need it.

A massage, getting a pedicure, a spa treatment, etc.

Some of these places are open where I live but I am not comfortable enough to partake without feeling stress or anxiety.

And, if I'm feeling this way then I just shouldn't do it.

I look forward to booking a back massage and getting a much-needed pedicure after a 12+ month hiatus.

6. Eating out

Eating out at a restaurant is a treat. You get to dress up, listen to music, enjoy good conversation, drink wine and eat good food, enjoy your company. It's a real fun time.

I love it and it's something I'm destined to do when things return to our new normal.

Are restaurants open now for dining?


Will I participate now?


7. Travel

You won't catch me on a plane unless it's a dire emergency. I look forward to traveling.

Where will I go?

Here's a short list of places I'd love to visit in the coming years:

  • Hawaii
  • Aspen, Colorado
  • Canada
  • New York City
  • Washington DC
  • Jamaica

This is the short list. I'd love to visit locations around the globe like Singapore, Paris, Japan and more in years to come.

Cruise ships and plane rides to fun destinations are going to be very much appreciated. I can't wait!

8. Annual New Orleans Trip

In Houston, the trip to New Orleans is around 5 or 6 hours I think. I've made the trip nearly half a dozen times and I love visiting!

It's something my friend group and I do every single year. It's something I cannot wait to get back to. Hitting Bourbon street, enjoying a hurricane or grenade while walking the streets, sweating it out (because we always go during summer).

It's a real vibe and a fun time with friends or if you go with your spouse or family.

Wrap Up

There it is, my list of 7 things I look forward to indulging in post-pandemic. It feels good to make a list like this. It can really help you hold onto your sanity and it gives you something to look forward to.

If you don't have a post-pandemic list like this, I recommend you make one. It can be therapeutic and make you feel better.

If you do have a post-pandemic list, share some of those bucket list items down below in comments. I'd love to read about it!

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