7 Weight Loss Ideas to Move the Scale

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Looking for ideas to move the number on the scale? You are not alone. Weight loss is a journey and it can feel annoying for the scale to stop moving, especially when you're doing everything right.

You don't have to feel helpless here.

The truth is, there are things you can do which can help you move that much closer to your goal.

Check out these 7 ideas to help you start moving things in the right direction on the scale.

1. Drink your water

This is something that can really creep up on you.

Drinking water has so many benefits and it helps you stay full longer. It's a common trick I use when I'm feeling snacky and really don't want to eat.

I drink a full glass of water and it helps fill my stomach and take away the snack cravings.

To ensure you are getting your daily dose of water, try tracking it. You can use a free app to help. The app Waterminder is a good one to try. It's free and it sends you reminders to drink water throughout the day.

Some tips for helping you drink plenty of water:

  • If drinking plain water gets boring, try flavoring it with fruit like fresh lemon or lime
  • Count tea and coffee toward your water intake
  • Involve others with you drinking water and make it a fun game
  • Get a reusable water bottle and take it everywhere
  • Try drinking water every hour you're awake

2. Limit Your Snacks

Cut back on snacks and if this means you'll enjoy larger meals, do that.

When you graze all day long, it's hard to know when you're full.

You will get into the habit of just eating and that will cost you with your weight, which can happen when you snack too much. Limit snacks and track your results.

Here are some tips to help with snacking:

  • Keep yourself busy
  • Keep a food diary
  • Eat larger meals to stay full longer and fill up on veggies

3. Do Intermittent Fasting

Eat. Stop. Eat.

That's intermittent fasting.

You have an eating window and a fasting window.

A lot of people start with a 16/8 fast. You fast 16 hours and eat 8 hours. Your fasting window can include the time you're sleeping, too.

An example might be eating from 11am to 7pm and fasting from 7pm to 11am.

So, in the evening hours you will be mostly sleeping and in the morning you will just have a late breakfast or a brunch.

Intermittent fasting is so powerful.

As with any change in diet or nutrition, make sure to consult with your doctor first.

Some tips to help with intermittent fasting:

  • Track your food
  • Meal prep
  • Plan your day's meals
  • Don't restrict yourself too much
  • Join a support group or online community with other intermittent casters

4. Exercise

Get moving.

While abs are made in the kitchen and you can lose weight without exercise, the truth is, exercise helps you be healthy.

It's great for cardiovascular health and it tires you out, helping you sleep better at night.

You get your body moving, sculpt and tone, and it makes you feel good.

I started walking 20 minutes in the evening after a long hiatus of not working out and after just a few weeks, I finish my walks faster, I hurt less after the walk, I feel great the next day and it's relaxing for me!

It's something I actually look forward to and I love how walking makes me feel stronger.

Walk around the block, walk your dog, park further away when you shop and walk, take the stairs not the elevator, invest in exercise equipment and workout in your gym, etc.

Some tips to help with exercise:

  • Make it fun
  • Give yourself a non-food reward for getting through it
  • Do it first thing in the morning
  • Plan for it
  • Exercise with a friend

5. Stay Busy

I don't know about you, but for me, if I'm busy, I naturally eat less.

Put my head in a good book or swamp me with work or house chores and I totally forget about eating.

My hunger pangs still come, don't get me wrong, but I push it away until I finish my work.

Does this happen to you?

Try keeping yourself busy.

Get a planner, write down your tasks for the day, overload yourself just a little bit to make sure you stay nice and busy throughout the day and this will help you avoid mindlessly snacking because you are bored.

Some tips to keep busy:

  • Get a planner and schedule your day

6. Meal Prepping

Meal prepping helps with portion control, it saves you time and saves you money.

Why aren't you doing this?

You can get more than a week's supply of meal prep containers at Aldi or Walmart for around $10.

Plan your meals for the week, batch cook, meal prep and stuff it all in your fridge or freezer.

When it's time to eat, pop out a meal and heat it up. It's like frozen dinners but much tastier and homemade.

Some tips for meal prep:

  • Try batch cooking
  • Plan
  • Get organized
  • Menu plan

7. Get Support

For me, nothing is better in my weight loss journey than to get support from others. Sometimes we don't get support at home and even if you do, more support is an awesome thing.

You can get it online.

Join Facebook groups, weight loss forums, weight loss program chat rooms, etc.

Read the stories of others, get inspired, share your story, connect, make friends. This helps, trust me.

Some tips for getting support:

  • Lean on the support of family and friends
  • Check out some of the online communities shared above

Final Thoughts

There you go, all 7 weight loss ideas to move the scale. Have you tried any of these tips before? What has been your experience. Hope this helps. Share why you want to lose weight. Comment below.

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