Can you really get free money?

Jenn Leach

For a long time I really didn’t know what free money actually meant.

I mean in the past I would put in some time and effort to researching ways to get free money but I have to admit it’s easy to really get caught up in trying to find ways to make extra money on the side.

Then, you have the whole idea of getting free money which probably sounds too good to be true, right?

In this article I definitely want to tell you that that it is not the case and free money does exist.

When it comes to getting free money it’s really all about being as resourceful as possible and finding legitimate ways to earn free money that can help you financially.

I understand that some of these opportunities are passive ways to earn and some will require more effort. You’ll find a good mix of lots of different money making options and opportunities then I’ll be sharing down below.

To be honest, I haven’t given much thought to these free money resources but at the end of the day the numbers add up.

How to Get Free Money

I became obsessed with finding creative ways to make extra money on the side and manage my money well for years now. What building has always been something super important to me and I really get it from my parents.

I was lucky enough to not have to struggle and as an adult I want to continue to be able to look at Waze and my family. What was really an opener with college years when I was able to identify free money and free stuff right under my nose. There are hidden money tools all around us that can contribute to growing your wealth and savings.

Every opportunity is a little different. So I’m gonna have a big impact on your finances while other have a lesser impacts. Either way in the end I think it really adds up and has a positive impact on your financial picture.

I’m going to share all the places that you can use to get free money pretty fast!

Most of these places I personally use and have worked with over the years so I’m super excited to share them with you. There are tons of different opportunities here and I’m gonna start with some of the quick small wins that are super easy for you to earn.

I Need Money Now for Free!

This is something that you’re probably thinking of or maybe even sit out loud once or twice in the future. I totally get it and I’m with you, especially going into the new year.

Before we get started I just wanna know really quickly but these are not get rich quick scheme’s. A lot of times when we talk about getting free money or money making opportunities scams and get rich quick scheme to get wrapped up into the mix and you won’t find any of that in our round up.

i’m gonna show you how to earn free money on PayPal plus amazing free gift cards and other cool freebies that you’ll be excited about.

How I Get Free Money Mailed to Me

Let me break it down. The way it works is I can claim free PayPal money or free gift cards through legitimate websites like Survey Savvy or Swagbucks.

To get the biggest benefit I recommend signing up for all the free resources below if you’re interested in getting some free money.

The more you sign up for, the more money you can receive to your bank account. If there is a quick easy way you can sign up for for free so why not take advantage?

1. Get Free Money With Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a free resource to use to earn extra money by answering survey questions online. The questions are easy to read and the multiple-choice.

You’re so simple and quick to answer. You can redeem it via PayPal actually answering these easy survey questions.

The money you earn here to help you with expenses around the house like groceries in every day shopping.

2. How to Get Free Money on PayPal

If you read the blog you know that I often mention how you can earn free gift cards online during your spare time. I love doing this because it helps me strengthen my financial picture by standing less.

And it’s free money so it’s a total win-win for me.

If you’re not too stoked about getting free gift cards, there’s always the option to redeem money on PayPal for cash. At the end of the day it’s completely up to you for how you want to redeem.

Free money earning sites

Free money from websites without paying!

Some other survey sites to earn free money include Inbox Dollars and Survey Savvy.

After you join for free don’t forget to confirm your email in your inbox so that you can get your bonus after signing up.

These are free sites to join so the membership doesn’t cost you anything.

By signing up for many survey sites you get the opportunity to take more surveys which means that she can make more money. It’s an easy way to make a little more money extra every month.

3. Get Cashback from Everyday Shopping

One of my favorite apps to use for grocery shopping hands-down is Ibotta.

They offer many ways to get cash back and actually get paid to grocery shop. My favorite feature is the scan your receipt option where you can earn cashback on your grocery receipts by scanning them with your cell phone using the app. You get free cash back on your groceries and every day shopping goods.

New updates are made to the app weekly so you’ll be pleased to find hundreds of new offers every single week. And you’ll likely find a couple items that you’re planning to buy anyway. Finding you free ways to save money every week on groceries couldn’t be any easier.

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